New Developments to the ‘76 Pro Line

To our customers and fans of ‘76 Pro Line, we have a couple pieces of exciting news to share with you.

Peter Rogoz joins Spirit of '76 Fireworks team
Peter Rogoz
VP of ’76 Pro Line

First, we’d like to officially introduce and welcome Peter Rogoz to the Spirit of ‘76 team as our ‘76 Pro Line Vice President. Peter has been involved in the fireworks industry for over 15 years and has extensive experience in display operations, wholesale operations, product development, and quality control.

We are so thrilled that Peter is joining Team ‘76! With his help, major developments for the ‘76 Pro Line are on the horizon.

We’d also like to announce that Daniel Haines is stepping down as product manager of ‘76 Pro Line to develop his own display company. Dan’s company Astro Magic FX will focus on designing and producing spectacular fireworks displays using ‘76 Pro Line products as well as providing consulting services in the areas of DOT Compliance, supply chain management, and information management.

Dan has played a huge role at Spirit of ‘76 since he began in 2014. We cannot thank him enough for his commitment and many contributions to ‘76, including but not limited to ‘76 Pro Line product development, trucking management and logistics, facilitation of collaboration among industry partners, and trend-setting display choreography.

Playlist: Fireworks Shows by Spirit of ’76, many of which were choreographed by Dan Haines.

Dan will continue to work with Spirit of ‘76 via Astro Magic FX as a display company contractor to assist with fireworks shows and project consulting as needed. We wish him the best of luck with this new endeavor!

Moving forward, we are so excited to grow the ‘76 Pro Line products and services under Peter Rogoz’s direction and to utilize our evolved relationship with Dan Haines to continue producing incredible Spirit of ‘76 displays.

’76 Pro Line Newsletter

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If you have questions regarding ‘76 Pro Line products, please reach out to Peter Rogoz at [email protected].

Related News

New ’76 Pro Line Items For 2018

2017 was an awesome year for ‘76 Pro Line! We traveled the country shooting demos, displaying product, and had a whole lot of fun along the way. Check out the shows we shot and have a look at over 30 NEW ‘76 Pro Line products we have planned for 2018!

Visit for full product lists, display resources, and all things ’76 Pro Line.

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of the fellow pyros, friends, clubs, and most importantly, customers who helped us out along the way. We could not have done it without you!

Major displays / demos from 2017

WPA Western Winter Blast Show – Lake Havasu, AZ

MO Fireworks Club Showdown – MOPYRO – Columbia, MO

MO Fireworks Club Showdown – KCAP – Columbia, MO

“Salute to America” Show – Columbia, MO

PGI Thursday Night “Firestone”– Fargo, ND

PGI Friday Night “Dance the Night Away”  – Fargo, ND

Pro Line Demo @ NFA Expo – Erie, PA

New Items for 2018

We have been working hard and are extremely excited to release over 30 NEW items for ‘76 Pro Line. Some of these items have been on our drawing board for over 3 years, but it has taken countless samples, factory visits, and product iterations before they were ready to make it onto the product line. Production and delivery outlook is looking good for 2018. We have more products coming in stock earlier than ever and new product production is ahead of schedule on most items.  

Here is the complete list of 2018 NEW 76 Pro Line items:


FN500 – Lava Drop Fountain Assortment (45sec) – 3/5

FN501 – Red Lava Drop Fountain – 15/1

FN502 – Blue Lava Drop Fountain – 15/1

FN503 – Green Lava Drop Fountain – 15/1

FN504 – Yellow Lava Drop Fountain – 15/1

FN505 – Purple Lava Drop Fountain – 15/1

Multishot Cakes – 200g

GM495 – Finale Box: Timerain Crackle (5sec) – 8/1

MS580 – 12s Silver Flying Fish (20sec) – 8/1

MS581 – 12s Red Flying Fish (20sec) – 8/1

MS582 – 12s Gold Flying Fish (20sec) – 8/1

MS520 – 20s Crossette Assortment (20sec) – 2/5

MS521 – 20s Red Crossette (20sec) – 10/1

MS522 – 20s Green Crossette (20sec) – 10/1

MS523 – 20s Purple Crossette (20sec) – 10/1

MS524 – 20s Yellow Crossette (20sec) – 10/1

MS525 – 20s Orange Crossette (20sec) – 10/1

Multishot Cakes – 500g

GM492 – 49s Colorful World of Crossettes (25sec) – 4/1

GM694 – 9s Nishiki Ring w/ Red Strobe Pstl (40sec) – 4/1

FanSweep (13s x 25mm) – Pro Use Only

SE226 – Rainbow Comet w/ Rainbow Mine – 6/1

SE227 – RWB Assortment – 2/3

SE227A – Red Star Comet w/ Red Mine – 6/1

SE227B – White Star Comet w/ White Mine – 6/1

SE227C – Blue Star Comet w/ Blue Mine – 6/1

SuperSlice (15s x 25mm) – Pro Use Only ( extra wide angle)

SE180 – Brocade Mine – 3/1

SE181 – White Strobe Mine – 3/1

SE182 – RWB 3 Layer Mine – 3/1

SE183 – Crackling Mine – 3/1

GhostSweep (15s x 40mm) – Pro Use Only

SE170 – Green to Blue to Red 3/1

Single Shot Shells (60mm Pre-Loaded) – Pro Use Only

TB401 – White Photo Flash – 18/1

TB402 – Red Photo Flash – 18/1

TB403 – Green Photo Flash – 18/1

TB420 – Nishiki Kamurro – 18/1

TB421 – Nishiki Ring w/ Red Strobe Pstl – 18/1

Other Updates and Product Notes:

  • All Crackle effects are now defined as “Timerain” or “Quick Crackle” based on the type of crackle used.
  • Updated VDL Simulations for Finale Fireworks software will be available by the end of January.
    • ‘76 Pro Line is expected to be included in the initial release of Finale 3D.
  • 500g cakes: We’ve started moving e-ports to the FIRST shot instead of the last shot.
  • GM656A: The 2018 version has an improved performance and a larger shot size from the 2017 version.
  • GM436: We added an orientation label indicating which rows are Red, White, and Blue.
  • Comets & Mines (Single Shot 40mm & 50mm): We’re introducing a new Pro Use Only “A” version with…
    • No cardboard base (easier to set up)
    • No visco (less chance of cross fire)
    • Same stock code with “A” added at the end
  • Flames & Color Gerbs: We’re introducing a new Pro Use Only version with…
    • 2 meter e-match built in
    • Same stock code with “A” or “E” at the end of the stock code
  • Lollipops have been discontinued and replaced by SuperSlices
  • Updated Slice Sweep configurations are shown below:

76 Pro Line – 2016 New Item Preview!

2015 Was a BIG year for the 76 Pro Line.  We introduced some spectacular new products and greatly expanded the Pro Use Only category. The new FanSlices, FanSweeps, and SuperSweeps ( Specs Here ) were a big success, and we look forward to expanding upon these items in the future.   

For 2016 we are back to the basics with some spectacular new 200g & 500g cakes.  This is the MEAT of any great fireworks display.  Our goal with the 76 Pro Line is to provide HIGH quality effects with the ULTIMATE in precision and control. 

FN371 – 5s FAN Crackle Spread Fountain (20sec) 
FN370 – Gold Flitter Fountain (30sec) 

Multi Shots – 200g
MS433 – 12s Gold Wave Comet (30sec) – VIDEO
MS486 – 16s Ruby Red Strobe (30sec) – VIDEO
MS492 – 16s Tri-Stage Whistle (20sec) – VIDEO
MS493 – 150s Finale Box: Silver Dragon (5sec) – VIDEO
MS497 – 12s Finale Box: Color Stars (5sec) VIDEO
MS498 – 12s Finale Box: Crackle (5sec)

Multi Shots – 500g
GM629 – 160s Z Gold Glitter Comets (30sec) VIDEO
GM644 – 25s Z Silver Strobe Waterfall (40sec) VIDEO
GM645 – 25s Z Brocade Waterfall (40sec) VIDEO
GM646 – 150s Z Red Comet w/ Report (8sec) VIDEO
GM647 – 12s Red Dahlia (40sec)
GM648 – 12s Silver Dahlia (40sec)
GM649 – 12s Blue Dahlia (40sec)
GM650 – 12s Yellow Dahlia (40sec)
GM651 – 12s Green Dahlia (40sec)
GM652 – 12s Pink Dahlia (40sec)
GM653 – 12s Orange Dahlia (40sec)

Professional Use Only (500g)
GM654 – 300s Multicolor 8 Shape (8sec) VIDEO
GM655 – 63s Diamond Whistle Cake (8sec) VIDEO
GM656 – 70s Z Photo Flash Bombard (40sec)

2015 Pro Line Sneak Peak

2015 is a BIG year for the 76 Pro Line. Our goal was to apply our passion for fireworks in innovative ways to provide superior performance, consistency, and variety. With that in mind, we have added several new products and made several improvements to existing products. Click the link below to see a full summary of 76 Pro Line product changes & additions.

Single Shot Comets – 40mm

  • Reduced packing from 48/1 to 24/1
  • Assortment case (4/6).
  • Ematch port installed under base
  • 16 different effects (Including comet/mine combinations)

Single Shot Mines – 50mm

  • Reduced packing from 48/1 to 24/1
  • Increased the size to 50mm
  • Built an assortment case (4/6)
  • Ematch port installed under base
  • 12 different effects (Including crossettes, go-getters, and tourbillions)

Color Change Flame Assortment – 30sec

  • 5ea Red to Blue
  • 5ea Blue to Red
  • 5ea Yellow to Purple
  • 5ea Purple to Green
  • 5ea Green to Red

New Cakes

  • 16s Silver Flash (200g) – 12/1
  • 25s Z Silver Swirl (16sec) – 4/1
  • 30s Z Smoke Tail to Crackling (25sec) – 2/1
  • 36s Z Crackling Mine (8sec) – 4/1
  • 90s Z Brocade Horsetail (25sec) – 2/1
  • 180s Z Brocade Comets w/ RWB Tips (8sec) – 1/1
  • Foil tops added to reduce chance of cross fire.

Wireless Firing Systems

  • 1 cue
  • 4 cue
  • 6 cue (With Talon Starter Pack)
  • 12 cue (3 modules of 4cues)

In an effort to expand upon the “Professional Use Only” category, we are proud to introduce FanSlices, FanSweeps, and SuperSweeps. Before shipping this item, we will need to collect a copy of your state shooters license, BATF license, local permit, PGI display operator certification, or a signed authorization form.

FanSlices (7shot x 40mm) “Pro Use Only” – 4/1

  • 4 different effects
  • All shots Simultaneous
  • Assortment case with one of each effect.

FanSweep (13shot x 25mm) “Pro Use Only” – 6/1

  • 2 Ignition points (center and side)
  • 3 comet/mine varieties
  • 6 different crossetts effects
  • Assortment case of all 6 crossette effects

SuperSweep (15s x 25mm) “Pro Use Only” – 1/1

  • 2 points of ignition (center and side).
  • 3 comets/mine varieties
  • Ultra-wide angle of fire (160 degree spread)
  • Requires at least 150’ clearance left and right