Italian Fireworks Factory: Tour and Interview with 5th-Generation Manufacturer Giuliani

Sam and Peter went to Italy! We traveled to Toffia, Italy in January 2023 to visit Giuliani Fireworks, world-renowned Italian manufacturer and producer of ’76 Pro Line ITALIA products.

Corrado Rapetti, sales and marketing representative for Giuliani, as well as Marco Giuliani, current owner of the 5th-generation fireworks manufacturing company, gave us a fantastic tour of their facilities.

Italian Pyrotechnics Factory Tour at the facilities of manufacturer Giuliani Fireworks.

Additionally, Marco, Corrado, and Marco’s mother Gianna discussed Italian fireworks consumption and the Giuliani family’s pyrotechnic journey in a sit-down interview for our podcast. (The interview was made all the better followed by a home-cooked meal by Gianna incorporating fresh produce from their family garden, as well as the “best olive oil in the country” made from the 500 olive plants grown on their property. Che buono!)

Interview with Giuliani Fireworks, 5th-generation manufacturer of world-renowned pyrotechnics.

The story of Giuliani Fireworks is amazing and we were so thankful to interview them! We are so proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributors of Giuliani Fireworks. Watch the interview above, listen to the episode on Spotify, or read the transcript of our conversation below.

[Transcript] BoomCast Episode 1 – Meet Giuliani Fireworks

BoomCast: A Fireworks Chat with Spirit of ’76

[Sam] “Hello and welcome to Boom Cast. I am your host Sam.” 
[Peter] “And I’m Peter Rogoz” 
[Sam] “And this is a fireworks chat with a spirit of 76.”
[Peter] “Welcome, guys. We’re excited to be debuting our official first episode.”  
[Sam] “This is kind of how a lot of our podcasts are going to go, but we’ll also be traveling to all kinds of places. And speaking of travel, we just recently got back from a couple week trip to Italy.” 
[Peter] “Yeah, that was a super cool, incredible trip to go visit a couple of our suppliers. First one being Giuliani Fireworks, who’s a maker of some incredible products in Italy. They are the makers of our 76 pro line Italian line that debuted last year. So we went out there to visit them, create some marketing content, do some interviews, do some quality control. It was a really, really interesting trip.” 
[Sam] “That’s right. So, yeah, this episode is all about Giuliani fireworks.” 
[Corrado from Giuliani Fireworks]  “The customer likes Giuliani products. And he’s proud because he knows that using this product can do a show different from the standard product. This has been the purpose for many years and it will be the same for next year too.” 
[Sam] “Peter, you already kind of touched on it, but do you want to talk about, you know, why we decided to partner with Giuliani fireworks in the first place?” 
[Peter] “ Yeah. So Giuliani Fireworks came up originally in 2020. I was working with Spirit of 76 on some side projects, and we were running into problems industry wide with sourcing line items. You know, one of one point g professional use only, you know, you know, three for one classification and now the know three, three, six classification exists. Anyways, there was trouble finding those products in China due to regulatory changes in China and some of those products they can no longer export legally. So while the classification exists here in the United States, it doesn’t exist on that and so complicated things. Plus, factories were going through some trouble getting permits and moving forward. So there were a lot of delays. So we thought, why don’t we diversify our supply chain a little bit? And we started looking for alternative places. I had some colleagues from the Italian fireworks industry and I spoke to them about, you know, where to source really good products. And they came up with Giuliani fireworks. So Giuliani is a factory in Toffia, Italy, which is about an hour, hour and a half outside of Rome, northeast of Rome. A beautiful landscape, a beautiful place. And they’re actually a fifth generation fireworks factory. They’ve been there for over 100 years producing some of the best fireworks in the world. Italian culture is very steeped in artistry and dedication to whatever craft you do. And in this case, Marco Giuliani, the owner of Giuliani Fireworks, is a craftsman of fireworks. And he’s very, very proud of his work. He’s carrying on his family legacy. And what you get is small batches of beautiful products really, really honed in above and beyond quality, really rich colors, very good formulas, very, very, very good attention to detail when building products, very high quality, like I said, small batch. This isn’t like a Chinese factory with high outputs. You’re not going to get containers and containers and containers of products, but we can order some really unique custom items. We can order some no debris, single shots like we debuted for 76 Pro Italia, and there’s some gorgeous shells we’re going to make available here shortly. Purely as a broker, we’ll just be representing Giuliani in the United States for people to be able to buy some of their shells.” 
[Sam] “Yeah, exciting stuff. So our trip, I mean, we left hopped on a flight at like 6 p.m., showed up at 10 a.m. in Italy and went straight to Giuliani’s house and facility. They were super accommodating for us, but we were very sleep deprived. But it was a good time. We got to sit down with them, meet the family and have a really nice home cooked meal.  And that only took like 2 hours right?” 
[Peter] “Yeah, it was a heck of an experience. You know, we thought, Hey, it’s our first podcast episode. We’ll come in here, we’re all in. This is not going to take more than 45 minutes by the time we set all the equipment up and then had a conversation with Marco and his family with translators, of course, because Marco and his family actually do not speak English and ended up being closer to 2 hours worth of interviews. So luckily, they were very hospitable. Like you said, we were in their family home, a very traditional Italian, multi-generational home in the village that they grew up in where the factory is. And it was really nice. They make you feel very much at home and like you’re part of the family. And you can definitely see their passion coming through.” 

[Sam] “Welcome, both of you to the podcast. Here’s speaking with Marco Giuliani and his colleague Corrado. Okay, so Giuliani Fireworks has been operating for five generations. I would like to know how your ancestors got involved in fireworks” 
[Coraddo] “Knowledge, of a channel for the TV show. So in the beginning of 1900, his grandfather started with this business of the ancestor tradition where coming from your grandfather and just to his mother and then his mother, give it to Marco, the brand and the company. Some years ago. Many years ago.” 
[Sam] “Where are your facilities located? They are two mainly factories. One is here in Tofia and the other one is in Belmont, in Sabina, both in the province. So there is a double possibility of production.”
[Sam] “So…sitting down with them. We were able to learn a lot about their history as a family and their family business. Marco. They began making fireworks sometime in the late 19 century or early 20th century. They have deep, deep roots”  
[Peter] “His mother, the matriarch of the factory, came down from his mother’s side. So it changed from Marcela to Giuliani when his father started working at the factory and took over once he and his mother were married. And then Marco started when he was a toddler there, almost, I guess, born into it. Yeah, I was born in the fireworks factory.” 
[Corrado] “Then his father took the company. They changed the name to Giuliani. And for 30 years, Marco has been driving this company.” 
[Peter] “And what kind of fireworks did they build at the beginning when the factory was first opened?”
[Marco] “Speaking in Italian.” 
[Corrado] “It was mostly baroque fireworks and they were making wheels and theatrical fire. And it is mostly the fireworks they were building in the beginning.” 
[Sam] “You’ve mentioned that your great great grandfather did fireworks for the king. What is the story there?” 
[Corrado] “Okay, so… he wasn’t there, so he doesn’t remember what happened. And he told me that. And they are very big references in the area, very close from Rome. Someone suggests to the king in that period to call them to make fireworks and they made a show. It was very exciting for them.” 
[Peter] “So, yeah, Giuliani fireworks actually is in the business of manufacturing fireworks. That’s their primary role. But they do also have a consumer fireworks sales business in Italy. Their season, I think, is primarily New Years, but they also have a lot of summer festivals. Italian tradition is very steeped in religious rituals, especially Catholic rituals. And every village has a patron saint. Those villages will have a festival when it’s the name day of that particular patron saint. That’s the time when a lot of people go out and shoot fireworks. Sometimes they have a big show in the village…[Peter speaking to Marco and Corrado] And what kind of fireworks are popular for consumers in Italy?”
[Corrado] “Cakes, cakes, cakes, 100 shots, 1.2 inches. This is the most popular. And then fountains being bangers, a lot of a lot of small products are sold because more products you can sell everywhere. I think cakes you can sell only in specialized shops, but fountains, bangles, poppers and many crackers you can sell everywhere, match crackers and all the….”
[Peter] “So they do have a consumer fireworks market. From what we understand, it’s a little bit like firecrackers and then a lot of cakes. The breaks are relatively small, like what we would call our 200 gram cakes, but they have higher limits on the accounts. So they can have like up to 1200 gram cake. You know, you light one fuse, it’s just a couple of minute kind of show in a box what we would call.” 
[Sam] “And I honestly think that America could take a note from them. They celebrate a lot more, you know, like small, very localized holidays. I think we need to get on that. We need more fireworks for small events.” 
[Peter] “Yeah, Yeah, I agree with you 100%. It’s nice. It’s like every weekend they have an excuse to shoot fireworks.” 
[Sam] “Exactly. And then later we had them outside when they were giving us a facility tour. And I had an opportunity to ask them what fireworks the company is most known for or what their best sellers were?” 
[Corrado] “We can say that there are three products, Roman candles, very precise, very bright, very appropriate. And then the Ghost Shell is the ghost that changes the color. There is a moment where you don’t see the color. It’s softer, and then another color changes.It can be done four times, for example. And then cylinders shell with butterflies. These are the three bestseller and best. How are the products that we are producing?” 
[Peter] “You know, Marco mentioned his Roman candles. The reason his Roman candles are so good. Well, first of all, his inserts for those roman candles are very good. The comets, the mines, the reports, they’re all very good colors, very well made. But more importantly, his entire factory for delays uses splats instead of time Fuze. So most Chinese fireworks, if I was familiar with manufacturing fireworks use this time for use, which is just essentially like a big safety fuze, like your green visco cat and fuze type product, but with a much thicker exterior and a thicker powder train in the middle. And that fuze is designed to burn at a certain rate. And so you cut pieces of it, and that’s how you create your delays, whether it’s your delay from the Shell launch to its burst or delays between shots and a Roman candle. Marco makes his own spollette, so your own spollette is basically a cardboard tube with black powder pressed to exactly the intervals that you want. So it burns at exactly the rate that you want. And if you see multiples of his Roman candles firing, you’ll see that the timing is very precise from the time that the candle starts to the time that it goes out. On top of that, his ghost shells and ghost stars are the best I’ve ever seen. Sam, you got to see some of those being fired off. Really unique patterns in the sky for some of the shells. And when he told us he had a ten time color changing star, I just didn’t believe him. I thought he was exaggerating, you know, because, like, you’ll see that in descriptions, like thousands of flowers, right. But he shot it and it did it. He had a seven color changing 30 millimeter star in a comet, which we do have coming. And he had a nine time changing 50 millimeter star that is in a single shot, which we also have coming. The precision that he’s able to roll those stars and he measures stars better than anybody else I’ve seen. He sorts them very carefully. But it takes time. It takes weeks to produce one of those stars, just one, let alone the thousands you’ll need for a production. So very impressive. And then, of course, cylinder shells. If you’re a fan of Italian fireworks, you’ll know cylinder shells are right up their alley. He creates some beautiful effects, especially the multi brick cylinder shells, something that you can’t really find  anywhere else. There’s no factories in China that produce them this way, but all the shells are stacked, essentially stacked breaks that go off about 50 feet out of the mortar tube. Start bursting and they burst in different patterns. But because of those spollettes, they’re also beautifully timed, beautiful color saturation in those shells, beautiful patterns. They are all hand spiked. For those that know what spiking is, it’s wrapping a cylinder shell in string when you’re finished building it to build up its strength so that it bursts with a more even pattern and with more forceI’ve seen this a lot at special events, like a PGI or a winter blast or something like that, where you have people making them, but they’re one offs. And Marco’s making this for production in a factory. So the fact that you’re able to buy this kind of product is really, really cool. I’m happy that he’s keeping these traditions alive and making them available.”
[Sam] “Same, I’m really excited for everyone to be able to see. Also, the tour that they took us on should be up on our YouTube channel. If not, by the time you’re listening to this very soon. And they treated us to a small product demo as well. We were just in awe. It was so beautiful. Next, we kind of asked them what distribution was like for them and within Italy and also kind of within Europe and surrounding areas.” 
[Corrado] “Italian distribution is very small, mostly sold in Europe.France is the best customer. For two years, they export in Emirates, Arabia, Qatar, they made in the opening the close of the FIFA World Cup of soccer this year. In Dubai It was shot in the Khalifa building. That is the tallest building in the world. And we have other productions for German, Romanian, but mostly in Europe. In Italy, only Marcos’ friends are buying his products because it’s more expensive than the other one. That is a particular product, a premium product, and that is used in special shows where our product must be different from the Chinese standard per loop that arrives in quantity, quantity, quantity.” 
[Peter] “Are there a lot of fireworks factories in Italy? There are. There may be more than 100, Really? And are they producing for the domestic market or..?” 
[Corrado] “Normally, normally they produce, and buy it for themselves.” 
[Peter] “So mostly building for their own use? Yeah, most certainly there is a business, but it is not so big and so is Giuliani Factory, one of the larger producers that actually sells fireworks to other companies?” 
[Corrado] “I think so.” 
[Sam] “I’d like to know if Giuliani fireworks have received any awards or notoriety from products or even shows.” 
[Corrado] “Since a few years ago. We started to participate in big show abroad and also in Italy, but almost mostly abroad. He won the first prize in 2019, in Belgium. I knocked. Then he participated in one or two prices in Montreal, in Ottawa, always in the same years, more or less, but is very proud of the consideration that his customers are giving to this product that they’re shooting in the last two years. So customers are very happy about this product and is very happy about it.” 
[Sam] “Speaking of those shows, what are some that folks listening should go look up to see some Giuliani fireworks?” 
[Peter] “Well, very recently, Giuliani’s fireworks were featured in the 2022 World Cup. Actually, the fireworks for the opening ceremony, as well as the closing trophy ceremony. All of the single shots that were on the rooftops, those are all Giuliani. So actually 76 Pro Line Italia, That’s the exact same product that we’re offering to our customers. So we’ve got more effects coming. A lot of stuff you’ll see there. And also a big one is the Burj Khalifa New Year’s display, a famous display that takes place in Dubai on the tallest skyscraper in the world. They actually shoot quite a bit of single shots and all kinds of crazy effects off the side of the building.And those are actually Giuliani fireworks as well. So those are two really cool ones to check out on YouTube. If you Google those, you’ll be able to find them pretty easily.” 
[Sam] “What does it mean to have fireworks from Giuliani” 
[Corrado] “Significant commercially to the people that buy Giuliani’s fireworks, invest in a premium product with color. There are more than average brightness. And also precision, too. You can do scenography of shows really precisely that you cannot do with a standard product. They assure the product that if it opens to a higher end or meter, it will open on the meter. If he says 4 seconds, it will stay 4 seconds and they will be very, very precise.” 
[Peter] “And how do you come up with ideas for your products?
[Corrado] “That is mostly the way to create new fireworks. Customer one To develop new products because they so because they heard, because they want to make something different. They ask, they ask, they ask and at the end something different will come out and then people are working on it. Not only him but also the other commission, chemical chemists that work with him have some ideas. And mostly there are some new colors, some new products, some new effects that can come out.” 
[Peter] “And what’s the quality control process like? Let’s say you have a new idea and you’re testing it…” 
[Corrado] “Okay before and there is a more written project of what they want to show. And then they start the test the height, test ahead of the test they’re opening. They test the chemical process. And when they reach the good product, they close it and they write all the chemical composition. And there is also a work out to put the effects into the shell because you can have a different result, according to the way that you put the stars into the show.”  [Peter] “So it’s like a recipe. You have a formula for the chemicals and instructions for building all the products. Okay, Those are the secret recipes of course.” 
[Corrado] “Yeah, you know, and this is only in his mind, it is written under the bed or under the pillow.” 
[Peter] “Say, and what about quality control during production? If you’re making, say, 500 pieces of something, do you test random pieces?”
[Corrado] “They make starting tests just to see if the production has been made in a proper way and when the production is finished according on the quantity, they try 20 or 30 pieces of samples to get to control that everything is okay.” 
[Sam] “We were discussing how high their standards were for their products and how distinctive their products are. I mean, they mentioned they get inspiration, of course, from other places, but they and Marco in particular really likes to have his items refine.” 
[Peter] “We talked about it a little bit. His ghost or color changing stars are incredible. The intricate patterns and color changes with the color saturation I think is better than anywhere else I’ve seen as far as production quality. Another big signature item for him is the strobe stars. That was actually the first thing that we saw from his factory, which strobes very high frequency, very rich strobes, very, very cool. Certainly you could see those in a show and tell. Oh wow. Okay. Those are outstanding. Right? If you don’t know about Giuliani, you might not know where they came from, but certainly they would stand out. It’s like, wow, that’s actually had an effect I haven’t seen before. So I think Marco is absolutely right. His products can add a signature touch to a lot of displays that really make them pop and show people effects and quality of effects that they don’t usually get with their run of the mill products.” 
[Corrado] “I saw in Facebook and in during the summer, there was a poster where they say, Oh, it sees you display Giuliani shows the Giuliani show, It’s easy to make a nice show. It was written in France. You know, that’s nice to hear about it.” 
[Sam] “Yeah. So as he was saying, you know, that was a French customer. But what they were essentially saying was it’s easy to make an amazing show if you have Giuliani fireworks.” 
[Peter] “Most definitely. And Marco Marco’s also able to make like a custom effect for a lot of his customers, too. So, you know, he’s got his catalog items. He’s got his list of products that he makes available. But if there’s like some idea you have or some effect you must have, he’ll figure out a way to do it and he’ll make it.” 
[Sam] “Absolutely. You were like, What can you do? He was like, anything, anything the customer was, I will find a way. And if you guys have ideas, let me know.” 
[Peter] “He’s truly got a brilliant pyrotechnic mind because it’s a lot of it is just up there. I mean, obviously he’s got all this stuff written down and logged and everything, but in real time you can see him processing, Hey, is this possible? And he just kind of like looks around and he’s working through the problem and he comes up with the solution and he can make a sample. You know, that same day, like, here we go, here’s what you’re talking about. It’s really an incredible pyrotechnic mind, truly one of the best I’ve seen.” 
[Sam] “It must run in the family, too, for him.”
[Peter] “His mom was an incredible cook. You know, cooking is a lot like making fireworks. So, yeah, I think I absolutely does run in the family.” 
[Sam] “Next, we talked about the town of Toffia, Italy, where Giuliani is based.” 
[Sam] “How big is the town?” 
[Corrado] “It’s a small town, less than 1000 people living there. It’s in the countryside of a region that is called Sabina, 50 kilometer from Rome. And the main business was agriculture. And now people are moving into the town. So there is some people that stay here. That they live about fireworks or the big business of fireworks in Toffia.” 
[Peter] “And how many people work in the Giuliani factory here in Toffia?” 
[Corrado] “Between both, uh, where I was in factories, 25 people.” 
[Sam] “And then, Peter, you ask them what production was like five years ago versus today. He said it was exponential. Many Millions.”
[Peter] From what I understand, budgetary concerns have made that more difficult now. So they’ve actually shifted to using some Chinese imported fireworks for their shows in Italy. And because of that, Marco has had to start making his fireworks more available for export in order to keep his factory going. And I think that’s been the big difference maker for him. Instead of making a small number of products for a display, he makes a huge number of products for export. Now compared to what he used to make. So the production has grown a lot. You can see every time. I mean, I’ve been there now three times and every time I go back it’s got more people making more stuff in more places. He’s got more processed buildings open. It’s really incredible. It’s very, very cool to see him growing and see the appreciation for the product growing.” 
[Sam] “Yeah, absolutely. I kind of asked them how their fireworks business has impacted their community and what the sentiments were like among their neighbors of, you know, having a fireworks facility within so many miles of their downtown area and what their neighbors kind of thought about it.” 
[Corrado] “They are proud of it. They are okay with it. And mostly because it’s the oldest activity that is in the town. So we are talking about the beginning of the 20th century. So it’s very a lot of time. And then we are talking with Marco’s father, saying that the people are very astonished how the business has grown up from their small production that they do with his wife and then Marco with a new with the new production. The new customer made an activity that had known Giuliani and Toffia all around the world when they made their stuff. People are very happy because they have fireworks for free.”
[Sam] “All right. Let’s talk a little bit about Marco. 
[Corrado] “You prefer that other people talk about him.” 
[Peter] “He’s a very humble guy that way.” 
[Sam] “He is. But that’s okay because we had his mother there. We also got to sit down with his mother that same evening. Gianna, she also speaks primarily Italian. So we had our lovely tour guide, Damiano, translating for us, and they gave the history of Giuliani fireworks and how Marco started getting involved.” 

From left to right: Chiara (Marco’s wife), Marco Giuliani, Marco’s father, Marco’s mother Gianna

[Gianna] “Speaking in Italian” 
[Translator] “She says that before, we were Marchelli, so she says, I have to tell the story of the Marchelli family because that’s that’s where it starts.” 
[Gianna] “Speaking in Italian” 
[Translator] ‘When she was born. She was practically born with the fireworks. Her father and the grandfather they used to supply, especially at the festivals in the towns around. And then, of course, her father, unfortunately died very young. So when he died with her husband, they decided to continue the tradition and to continue the work…..and then Marco was very attentive and he was very intrigued by these fireworks. And so he wanted to continue as well. The family tradition of the fireworks. And once Marco decided to take over, then, of course, he wants to expand in different directions.” 
[Peter] “It’s a fireworks family through and through. You could definitely see the obsession in Marco’s eyes at all times. He’s thinking about coming up with new things and, you know, producing more awesome fireworks at the factory. And it’s very cool what they’ve done for their local community. They are one of the bigger employers there. Tufia is  a very quiet village, not really touched by tourism much or anything like that, and they’re all very proud to have like a hometown hero factory there. They’re also very proud of their olives and their olive oil. 
[Sam] “So proud. Yeah, I even have a clip of that as well. We’ll talk about it in a bit. We asked Gianna how old Marco was when he started and she basically said, just like me, you know, he was always involved. She said that when Marco was a baby, he was actually afraid of fireworks. And to get him to not be afraid of fireworks, his grandfather, her father, would take him around just to get used to it.” 
[Translator] “Even at the age of 14, he was already putting together the fireworks. He was always in that. So he knew how to do everything because it’s a family business and you’re involved as a child and you continue. I mean, it’s not even a job anymore. It’s practically for him. It’s his passion.” 
[Sam] “So, Marco, you are the current owner of Giuliani Fireworks. Would you mind just telling us a little bit about yourself?” 
[Marco] “Speaking in Italian”
[Corrado] “He has a very big responsibility because every day people are working with dangerous and explosive substance and it requires a very big mental effort.
[Peter] “And do fireworks, have any special meaning for Marco? 
[Marco] “Speaking in Italian”
[Corrado] “So is a passion, it’s the first word that is all. It is passion and he likes this work with this word to explain these matter in fireworks. And these is not an obsession, but is a very, really passion, not an obsession but a passion.” 
[Sam] “Corrado, I’d like to ask you what you notice about Marco’s approach towards fireworks.”  [Corrado] “I met him as a customer when I was working in another company, and I already saw that he was different from the other pyrotechnic because he was very reflexive, he is clever in the field and he wanted to produce something different from other, and he enjoy very much. He is a product in big shows all around the world.” 
[Sam] “Gianna told us that Marco, of course, was the first boy in a couple of generations. And as an Italian family, that was, you know, very exciting for them.” 
[Peter] “How do you feel about Marco taking over the factory, taking over the family business? Are you proud of him? Are you worried about him? How do you feel?
[Translator on behalf of Marcos mother Gianna] “In the beginning, she wasn’t very happy, but only for one reason. She was very worried. You know, with this type of job, she would have wanted something different for him. Just like any parent, you know.” 
[Sam] “What would you have wanted?”
[Gianna] “Speaking in Italian” 
[Translator] “He was continuing university and he was up to the second year of architecture. So she would have wanted to continue with architecture. But then he decided he wanted to continue the family business. And at that point they gave the support and also the industry. He also said being a young person with other visions, other views, he could expand that in a different way than the traditional way maybe that the elders did in the past, they’re very proud of him. That is the most important thing.” 
[Peter] “It sounds like they did a great job raising and supporting him.” 
[Sam] “And we think it’s a fantastic choice that he stuck with fireworks. 
[Translator] “If he’s happy, we’re happy.” 
[Peter] “As you heard, his family had other other plans for him. They were hoping for perhaps other things. But, I mean, you know, once it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood. And I can say that he’s very good at it and he takes it very seriously. So it’s very cool to see him keeping that tradition going. I wonder, Marco, outside of fireworks, what do you do for fun?” 
[Corrado] “2022 was very busy for Giuliani, so before he was running it was keeping it fine. But last year was the full immersion dedicated to production and he is a little bit sad about it. They would like to have a little bit more time to dedicate to his other enjoyment and his wife too. He got married a year ago to his wife Chiara, she is collaborating on this activity.” 
[Sam] “What are you doing to celebrate your one year anniversary?” 
[Corrado] “A 24 inch shell he will make. This is a new project. Giuliani Project is a 24 inches show.” 
[Peter] “Wow. 24 inch. Have you fired any 24 inch shells?” 
[Corrado] “Not yet. Not yet.” 
[Peter] “16 is the largest so far?” 
[Corrado] “Yeah. 16.” 
[Peter] “Nice. Yeah, exactly. What every woman for her first year anniversary always dreams of is a 24 and shell for their anniversary.” 
[Sam] “That’s right. I mean, I wouldn’t complain. I’m pretty jealous that we weren’t able to see it. Obviously they’re there. They just had the show, but that was all.” 
[Peter] “Yeah. No, it’s very cool. I’ve not seen in person a 16 inch shell, but I’ve seen a few of the videos and they’re phenomenal. You know, it’s really difficult as you size up in shells, as you scale up to get the physics to, you know, act correctly and kind of get that shell to burst in a in a round pattern and to get all the stars to ignite and to get everything to work properly. It gets more difficult as you scale up. And his 16 inch shells are phenomenal. This was his first for a 24 and shells. But I have a good feeling he’s going to be able to nail it pretty well.” 
[Sam] “However it turns out, it’s going to be phenomenal and Chiara will be ecstatic, of course. Of course. Yeah. Now you’re done. Now we can hang out right?”
[Peter] “If you go help me take down the tube. I guess.” 
[Sam] “Speaking of Marco’s other hobbies and the other hobbies in the family, they produce their own olive oil.” 
[Peter] “They do. They do. Not only do they produce their own olive oil, but it’s a damn good olive oil.” 
[Corrado] “500 plants of olives. For the best year it is 400 liters of olive oil. But the is not. No, not every here is the same production.” 
[Sam] “Describe the flavor.” 
[Corrado] “A tasty fruit and a little bit, uh, strong.” 
[Peter] “Where do the olive trees grow? 
[Corrado] “Where? Everywhere. Now in Sabina. The region where Toffia, is very important for olive oil in the center of Italy. There is a lot of places in Italy where the good olive oil. One of the best there is here in Sabina.”
[Peter] “And why does Marco make his own oil?” 
[Corrado] “Because he has 1500 plants. Very, very proud of his olive oil of course, is more proud, prouder of the olive oil than the fireworks.”
[Sam] “It is some tempered olive oil. According to them, it is the best olive oil. That’s right. We did go you know, of course, in our travels with every family, seem to have the best olive oil. But I believed it every single time. 
[Peter] “Me, too. It’s crazy. But every house in Italy that grows their own olives does indeed have the best olive oil. It’s. It’s remarkable. \
[Sam] “Yeah. So we each got to go home with a liter of special Giuliani olive oil. And we do. It’s not for sale.” 
[Peter] “No, that’s not available at 76 pro and Italia or anywhere else. I’m afraid you’ll have to go buy a container from a fireworks from Marco in order to get a liter of olive oil. That’s the deal.” 
[Sam] “Yeah. If you ask nicely, he might just put one on your container. 
[Peter] “He might. He might. But it is, it is very good. We did sample it while we were there. It’s delicious. Totally different than any olive oil you just buy in a grocery store here in the United States. 
[Sam] “It’s tasty. It’s very tasty. No, we’re not just saying that. It was really really good olive oil. We were like, Yeah, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks. Yeah. Let’s. Let’s eat. That was the gist of our trip.” 
[Peter] “Its very embedded in that culture, right? It even just olive oils or fruit that you have growing on your property or vegetables or anything like that, you know, everybody tries to do the best they can and produce the best product they can. In Italy, it doesn’t really make sense to make a lot of something. If it’s not good. They would much rather have a little of something that’s outstanding. And so that’s what Giuliani fireworks are, is a little bit of fireworks that are absolutely outstanding because why do it any other way? It doesn’t make sense to make a bunch of junk. So that’s a beautiful thing. And we’re very happy to be working with them. 
[Sam] “This is why they’re such premium products. It’s all handcrafted and extremely particular and immaculate. Such amazing production there.”

[Sam] “You can expect more content from our visit to Giuliani fireworks and our other Italian adventures coming soon. That includes an exclusive facility tour which will be published, our YouTube channel very soon. And that demo that we spoke about. Peter, do you want to talk on some products coming up from Giuliani?” 
[Peter] “Yeah, absolutely. So as you guys saw, 76 Pro Line Italia debuted last year with some comments in mind. So we started off with a pretty straightforward order. We are going to be adding more effects, more of the stuff that they’re very good at making in Italy, things like the Tourbillon type effects, a lot more of their strobes, a few more of their single shot shells, more comets, more mines, all that stuff is coming.For 76 Pro Inline Italia We’ll be rolling it out some products this spring, some products in the fall, some more products next year. Also, for those of you who are in the display business and are looking for some very premium 1.3 G products, we are about to debut a list. It’s a very, very, very limited quantity of products that are going to be made available. But I’ll be in contact with some folks here very shortly. And we should see some Giuliani shows stateside coming soon. I’m really excited to see these at like events or you’ll see them in some major shows. They are premium products. Obviously, you’re not going to see an entire show of only Giuliani fireworks. But it’s a really good way to put an exclamation point on your shows and do some scenes that really make you stand out from the competition. So we’re very excited to bring that over. I know we keep putting off coming soon, coming soon, coming soon. But there’s a lot of work that has to happen behind the scenes For a product launch like this. It’s not as simple as just going over there and buying some fireworks. So we’re working on it. We’re making it all happen, and we’re super excited to have more. Giuliani and 76 Pro Italia products stateside very soon.” 
[Sam] “Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. This is our first episode. I want to put something on your calendar, our spring demo, April 22nd. Everyone is invited. If you’re listening, come out. Please do. It’s in Columbia, Missouri. We’re going to have a full evening of shooting fireworks out in the field behind the Midway Antique Mall. We’re going to have maybe 50 items. And then just like every year when we do these demos, we have our fireworks club showdown between the local clubs, KCAP and Mo Pyro. And that is always a phenomenal show.” 
[Peter] “You got it. And the two clubs are already working on their shows. They’ve been going at it for a couple of weeks already getting stuff ready.
We’re super excited to see all of our customers, all of our new customers. If you’re just looking for something awesome to do in the fireworks world, April 22nd, come on down to Columbia, Missouri. You’re more than welcome. Bring your friends, bring your family, and have an awesome time with some fireworks, See some awesome shows. We can’t wait to see everybody. It’s so nice to be doing these events again. It’s really, really cool.”
[Sam] “I know. Yeah. So please let us know if you can make it. has all the information and a registration link. We’ll also be doing shooter training that day as well. And the information and link to that is at that link as well. We hope to see you in April, April 22nd.”  
[Peter] “We expect to see every single one of you there.”  
[Sam] “That’s right. Thank you again for joining us. Now we’re off to western winter blast. 
[Peter] “That’s right. Yeah, winter blast. Next up, look for an episode from winter blast coming very soon. We’ve got some really cool interviews lined up there, too. Can’t wait to do those. And if you like this podcast, please, please, please, please share it with anybody you think would like it, anybody in the fireworks world and give us your feedback. We’re curious to see if there’s anything that you guys want to see or hear or have done in the future.” 
[Sam] “All right. Well, that wraps up our very first episode. Thank you, Peter.” 
[Peter] “Thank you, Sam. 
[Sam] “And thank you, everyone, for listening. This has been BoomCast.”

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