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Spirit of ’76 is the premiere fireworks wholesaler in the U.S. dedicated to the independent retailer. We’ve been helping customers satisfy their fireworks needs for over 35 years with high quality firework products and our industry-renowned customer service.

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Spirit of ’76 hosts the leading eCommerce experience to buy fireworks online. You can shop wholesale fireworks and see pricing any time on our website, for instance. See our Account Tools page for more information. 

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Spirit of ’76 has knowledgeable staff available so we can answer your fireworks questions and assist you with placing an order that fits your unique needs. We can also provide information and resources for helping you succeed in your fireworks business.

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Customer Testimonials

Gary T.

Wanted everyone to know how great ’76 is. Just couldn’t thank them enough for all they do and how great their customer service is. I also like that they allocate products for their customers. In short, they are the best in the business!


John D.

Firstly, Tim Thurber is an AWESOME sale rep! Great guy with good follow up. Also, your selection is outstanding! I especially love the quality of ’76 Pro Line and Sky Bacon.


Alex A.

They are some of the best people in the industry and they truly care for their customers. Additionally, their product line is second to none. They have great prices and particularly great products.