Spirit of 76 Fireworks announces exclusive distribution partnership Giuliani Fireworks in Italy

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Giuliani Fireworks

Oct 5, 2022 – Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks Wholesaler, based in Columbia, Missouri, is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with a major European fireworks manufacturer. 

Giuliani Fireworks is an Italian manufacturer of world-renowned professional firework shells and single shot pyrotechnics. They have recently made Spirit of ‘76 their exclusive distributor for the United States fireworks market. 

Giuliani Fireworks owner Marco Giuliani (left) with Spirit of ’76 Fireworks president John Bechtold at the American Pyrotechnics Association 2022 Fall Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Giuliani Fireworks has been producing world class fireworks in Toffia, Italy for 5 generations. Spirit of ‘76 began its relationship with current owner Marco Giuliani in 2020 with the development of ‘76 Pro Line Italia, a line of professional-use single shot fireworks that first hit the market in the summer of 2022. In addition to continuing its collaboration with Giuliani to further develop the ‘76 Pro Line Italia product line, Spirit of ‘76 is now the sole U.S. distributor of Giuliani Fireworks products which include those in the 1.4G, 1.3G and 1.1G categories.

This new partnership is an important step for Spirit of ‘76 in their mission to deliver high quality products, services, and solutions to the fireworks and entertainment industry. 

ABOVE: Toffia, Italy – Spirit of ’76 Fireworks employees visit the Giuliani Fireworks factories during the summer of 2022.

“This is exciting news for both companies,” said John Bechtold, President of  Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks. “The relationship we’ve developed with Giuliani will allow us to further improve the support and products we provide for our friends who shoot fireworks displays.” 

Stay tuned for more exciting Spirit of ‘76 and Giuliani Fireworks product offerings in the near future!

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