76 Pro Line - 2016 New Item Preview! Blog Banner

2015 Was a BIG year for the 76 Pro Line.  We introduced some spectacular new products and greatly expanded the Pro Use Only category. The new FanSlices, FanSweeps, and SuperSweeps ( Specs Here ) were a big success, and we look forward to expanding upon these items in the future.   

For 2016 we are back to the basics with some spectacular new 200g & 500g cakes.  This is the MEAT of any great fireworks display.  Our goal with the 76 Pro Line is to provide HIGH quality effects with the ULTIMATE in precision and control. 

FN371 – 5s FAN Crackle Spread Fountain (20sec) 
FN370 – Gold Flitter Fountain (30sec) 

Multi Shots – 200g
MS433 – 12s Gold Wave Comet (30sec) – VIDEO
MS486 – 16s Ruby Red Strobe (30sec) – VIDEO
MS492 – 16s Tri-Stage Whistle (20sec) – VIDEO
MS493 – 150s Finale Box: Silver Dragon (5sec) – VIDEO
MS497 – 12s Finale Box: Color Stars (5sec) VIDEO
MS498 – 12s Finale Box: Crackle (5sec)

Multi Shots – 500g
GM629 – 160s Z Gold Glitter Comets (30sec) VIDEO
GM644 – 25s Z Silver Strobe Waterfall (40sec) VIDEO
GM645 – 25s Z Brocade Waterfall (40sec) VIDEO
GM646 – 150s Z Red Comet w/ Report (8sec) VIDEO
GM647 – 12s Red Dahlia (40sec)
GM648 – 12s Silver Dahlia (40sec)
GM649 – 12s Blue Dahlia (40sec)
GM650 – 12s Yellow Dahlia (40sec)
GM651 – 12s Green Dahlia (40sec)
GM652 – 12s Pink Dahlia (40sec)
GM653 – 12s Orange Dahlia (40sec)

Professional Use Only (500g)
GM654 – 300s Multicolor 8 Shape (8sec) VIDEO
GM655 – 63s Diamond Whistle Cake (8sec) VIDEO
GM656 – 70s Z Photo Flash Bombard (40sec)