Our New eCommerce Experience (Fall 2023)

We at Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Wholesaler are excited to introduce a new and improved version of our eCommerce website, shop.76fireworks.com!

Improvements to our wholesale website will go live on Monday, October 23rd, 2023. Click here to login.

NOTICE: Password reset will be required on your first login.

Everyone with an existing Spirit of ’76 Wholesale account will require a password reset to access your account on or after October 23rd, 2023. Here’s how to reset your password on or after October 23rd:

  • Visit shop.76fireworks.com/login to go to our new Login page.
  • Click “Reset Password”.
  • Enter the email associated with your Spirit of ’76 Wholesale account, and click Send Code.
  • Enter the Verification Code sent to your email.
  • When prompted, update your password. Your new password must meet the following criteria: * Include at least 8 characters, a lowercase, an uppercase, a special character, a number.
  • Log in with your new password.

Why do I need to reset my password?
For our customers’ protection, we have enhanced the security on our website. For this reason, your password will need to be reset prior to accessing our new eCommerce experience for the first time.

Will my account’s history be affected?
Nope! Your account’s history (such as saved carts, past orders, uploaded documents, pricing level, etc.) will not be affected by this change.

Need assistance?
Please contact your sales representative or give us a call at 573-447-1776 if you encounter any issues.

You can expect the following features for an enhanced shopping experience when purchasing fireworks online from Spirit of ’76. Don’t worry – your account settings, saved carts, etc. have rolled over to our improved website.

Mobile optimization.

Expect a smoother experience when shopping on our website on a smartphone or tablet. Our website is now fully responsive so you can easily shop fireworks on any device.

Lightning-fast load times.

Search through hundreds of products with no more delay! We have incorporated a multi-page system in our product search results to reduce load times by up to 95%.

Enhanced product filtering and sorting.

You can now filter your product searches! Filter search results by Category, Brands, Price, and/or Lists. Select multiple filters to further drill down your results.

Further, you can now Sort results by Model, Name, Stock, Packing, Price (Low to High or High to Low), Shot Count (Low to High or High to Low), Availability, and Brand.

Enhanced checkout process.

With our improved checkout screen, placing your order at shop.76fireworks.com is as simple as 1-2-3. When you’re ready to check out, you’ll be prompted to 1) choose your Shipping or pick-up method, 2) select a Payment Method, and 3) Review to make sure everything is correct prior to placing your order. If paying with a method other than Debit/Credit, you will be provided a date when a minimum deposit is required.

New look and feel.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new optics and functionality when exploring our improved eCommerce website!

All your settings, saved.

If you have an account created with us prior to 10/23/2023, no need to worry: your settings (such as your saved carts and profile data) are still stored safely on your account. We have improved our site’s security, which means you will need to reset your password upon your first login on or after 10/23/2023; simply visit our login page, click ‘Reset Password’, and follow the prompts to update your password.

The team at Spirit of ’76 is always striving to modernize our services, such as our eCommerce website, for a more enjoyable shopping experience! We encourage you to take a look around, shop your favorite products, and provide your feedback when prompted after completing an order.