How to get fireworks cheap

4 Tips on How to Get Fireworks Cheap

Getting the most out of your fireworks budget means being strategic and taking advantage of the right opportunities. Many fireworks shoppers don’t even think about purchasing their stash until May or June. For retailers and those with larger budgets, restock ordering time might come in January or February, but even then you could be missing out on the best pricing.

In our 30+ years of being a trusted fireworks supplier, we’ve seen shoppers get in the habit of ordering earlier and earlier each season. That’s because the key to getting the right price is to order at the right time and from the right place. Whether you’re buying fireworks for displays or for reselling at your business, here are four big things to consider for truly getting the “most bang for your buck.”

1. Save With Wholesale

If your fireworks budget exceeds $500 (which, especially in 2023 with inflation, is a very achievable number), your best bet is to go wholesale. Working with a wholesaler will automatically get you access to significant product savings on your orders. It’s also easy to shop for wholesale fireworks online!

One pyro Joel Robinson made this video about how simple it was to purchase his fireworks online, get them shipped to his door, AND save up to 50% on product costs in the process.

2. Order Early (Like…Now!)

When you shop during mid-to-late summer, you’ll get the absolute best prices of the entire year. As you may have guessed, many fireworks suppliers offer huge discounts – such as Spirit’s own summer sales including up to 40% off closeout items and up to 25% off popular products.

Up to 40% Off Closeout Fireworks from Brothers, Winda, Sky Bacon, Firehawk, and more at Spirit of '76 Wholesaler.

We know it may seem early, but restocking now can save you a LOT of money and it allows you to get a jumpstart on inventory for the next season or occasion. Post-4th of July fireworks shopping is the best time to get lower prices per unit across the board, resulting in significant cost savings for you to pass on to your customers or enjoy yourself.

3. Consider Drop Shipping a Container

If you’re a retailer anticipating on restocking a majority of your inventory, now is also the ideal time to participate in a drop ship container program in addition to hunting those case sales. These programs are a popular option for bigger seasonal retailers and year-round locations! Having your wholesaler coordinate the import, brokerage, and delivery of a container to you directly from a supplier will provide you with HUGE savings on your product costs and spare you the pain of regular shipping rates.

Buy Fireworks Containers
Cut major costs for your fireworks business by ordering a fireworks container.

The added benefit here is that your products won’t be delivered until the following spring, so you won’t have to worry about housing that inventory until closer to the 4th of July season. Learn about Spirit’s container program for the 2023-2024 season.

4. Use Your Supplier As A Resource

"Best customer service in the fireworks industry can be found at Spirit of '76."

One of the best things about buying wholesale is it allows you to develop a personalized relationship with a sales representative who can work with your budget and help alleviate any headaches during the buying process. For instance, the industry-renowned sales team members at Spirit of ’76 are trained. to provide you with the best deals and advise on all of your ordering questions.

Looking for product recommendations? Have questions about shipping requirements? Need a last-minute restock days before July 4th? Your account executive is there to assist! If you’re unsure who your sales rep is, you can always talk to someone on Team ’76 during business hours at 573-447-1776.

Proactive Service & Smooth Shipping

To the team at Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Wholesaler, thank you for helping my family make some great 4th of July memories. The fireworks were great, and the family/friends loved the show. I really appreciate you all being proactive with my order, recognizing potential issues with shipping, and making suggestions to change items to ensure I have my stuff on time. Thank you again.

Rob Rivera

Outstanding Service

Great selection and value and outstanding service. 11 out of 10.

Jason Becking
Fireworks Enthusiast

Stellar Service, Quick Turnaround

Spirit of ’76 has stellar customer service, I prefer to work with them. They’re always great on their shipping and turnaround time. I pick up some very last minute displays and when needed, Spirit of 76 has always come through for me.

Tina Warwick
Display Company Owner / Starlight Fireworks

Best People in the Industry

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks are some of the best people in the industry who truly care for their customers. And their product line is second to none. Great prices and great products!

Alex Armstrong

Great Products for Show

Thank you for all the work you did in helping us get our fireworks this year. Just wanted to say a special thanks for all y’all’s hard work… with your help, our fireworks show this year was great. Thanks again to the Spirit of 76 Fireworks team.

John Woodall

In conclusion, getting the most out of your fireworks budget means being strategic and taking advantage of the right opportunities. By ordering wholesale through a trusted supplier, you can unlock significant product savings and access a wide range of fireworks. Additionally, shopping early during the mid-to-late summer period allows you to enjoy the best prices of the year, taking advantage of what are often the biggest discounts and promotions on fireworks. For retailers looking to restock their inventory, participating in a drop ship container program can lead to substantial cost savings and hassle-free delivery. And finally, don’t forget to utilize your supplier as a valuable resource, as their expertise and personalized service can make the buying process smoother and more efficient. We hope you find these tips useful in making your fireworks displays or sales even more spectacular without breaking the bank.

Happy restocking season!

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