Spirit of ’76 at COBRA-CON 2023

Enjoy our Mother’s Day themed display!

The Spirit of ’76 was honored to be Gold sponsors of COBRA-CON this year! The ’76 team was on-site all week. Here’s what we did:

[TRADE SHOW] 9am-12pm daily
[SEMINAR] Friday, May 12th at 2:45pm: “Introduction to iShot: Set Up Single Shots 10X Faster” hosted by Peter Rogoz. Get a hands-on opportunity to learn about iShot Plug & Fire!
[LUNCH & LEARN] Saturday, May 13th: State of the ’76 Pro Line
[SEMINAR] Saturday, May 13th at 1:15pm: “Scripting A Pyromusical For Advanced Pyros” hosted by Peter Rogoz.
[DISPLAY] Saturday, May 13th evening: Grand Finale display by Spirit of ’76. Enjoy our Mother’s Day-themed show!

Check our Facebook page to see what we were up to while on-site.

Visit cobra-con.com to learn more about the Cobra-Con event.

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