Spirit of '76 to present at Virtual WinterBlast 2021 Banner

Spirit of ’76 (with ’76 Pro Line ) was a sponsor and presenter at WPA’s Virtual WinterBlast 2021 , which was held February 12-14.

Spirit of ’76 was a sponsor and a presenter at WPA’s  Virtual WinterBlast , which took place February 12-14.

During our presentation Friday night, we premiered a comedic short documentary titled “76 Journey to WinterBlast 2021” that followed 76ers Dan Haines and Ken Hough on their quest to make their virtual experiences as close as possible to the real thing. 

We also shared a pyromusical we shot for the event using new  letter racks   to spell out “V W B” with 30mm mines.

On Sunday during the Virtual WinterBlast event, Dan Haines and Peter Rogoz participated in a Finale 3D Live Choreography Showdown, in which all 4 competitors were tasked with designing a fireworks show in 25 minutes. Dan’s scripted show can be  viewed here .

“Virtual WinterBlast 2021: Lifting Spirits with Pyro” was presented by the Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA) and  was the virtual alternative to  WPA’s   Western WinterBlast, which was canceled for 2021 due the COVID-19 pandemic.  Details can be found on the  event website .