Sky Wars 2020 Fireworks Display and Event Recap Blog

See our fireworks display and go behind the scenes of the 2020 Sky Wars event.

Sky Wars, presented by the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MOpyro) and previously known as Pyromania, took place in Wright City, MO from September 24-27.

Spirit of ’76 + Stellar Fireworks display at Sky Wars 2020

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks collaborated with Stellar Fireworks to present a 1.4g and 1.3g combination fireworks display at Sky Wars on September 26th. Watch the full Spirit of ’76 + Stellar Fireworks show below.

The show above, along with many of the displays shot at Sky Wars, used ’76 Pro Line products for the 1.4g effects. Learn more about ’76 Pro Line here .

All full display videos from Sky Wars can be viewed on the Firecat8 channel on YouTube.

Sky Wars 2020 Recap

Watch the video below to get the scoop on everything that happened at the event, including the 1.4g competition shows, 1.4g unlimited show, giant exhibition firework shells, 1.3g professional displays, and of course the epic SuperNuke shot by the Fireball Dudes.