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September 7, 2020

A list of must-see fireworks shows throughout the year across America.

The 10 Best Fireworks Shows in the United States
Updated September 2020.

Each year, cities and organizations across America host celebrations that use fireworks in some way.  

The weeks leading up to Independence Day (AKA the Fourth of July) is when the largest number of fireworks is used in the U.S. Shows range in scale from small displays to giant events with large-scale, professional fireworks displays. Below is a list of what are considered to be the the top 10 best fireworks shows found in the United States.

Non-Independence Day Shows

T-Mobile New Year’s At The Needle – Seattle, WA
Time of year: New Year’s

A must-see event is the  New Year’s Eve fireworks display  shot from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. Presented by T-Mobile, this is one of the most iconic fireworks shows in the world.

Thunder Over Louisville – Louisville, KY
Time of year: April

Usually held in April and originally created as the Opening Ceremonies of the Kentucky Derby Festival, Thunder Over Louisville offers an explosive kick-off to two entire weeks of celebration in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. With an estimated average attendance of half a million people, it has become the largest annual event in its region.  The show continues to be the largest annual pyrotechnics display in North America.

Sky Wars, an Invitational Fireworks Championship – Wright City, MO 
Time of year: September

Previously known as “Pyromania,” this  invitational fireworks championship  takes place annually in September and   features two hours of fiery fun. The event  is presented by the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MoPyro) and boasts breathtaking pyromusicals for an audience of all ages, created and presented by pyrotechnicians who are among the nation’s top fireworks choreographers. The event creators promise to “ruin” other fireworks shows by wowing its audience with incredibly artistic and unforgetable displays.

Independence Day Shows

Kaboom Town! – Addison, TX 
Time of year: July 3rd

Addison Kaboom Town!   has been named among the top fireworks shows in the U.S. The spectacular show is ranked as one of the top 10 fireworks displays in the country by the American Pyrotechnic Association.

Macy’s 4th of July – New York, NY
Time of year: 4th of July

Macy’s has sponsored the New York City’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display since 1976. The show is annually fired from various locations across New York City and feature shells from all over the world.  The show regularly attracts around 2 million people, but vantage points are scattered all over the West Side of New York and New Jersey.

Welcome America! – Philadelphia, PA
Time of year: 4th of July

From the dawn of Fourth of July in 1776, Philadelphians have taken to heart the advice of John Adams, who said that the anniversary of this day should be celebrated with “a joyful noise…with bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of the country to the other.”  Welcome America! has become a must-see multi-day festival celebrating America’s birthday in America’s birthplace.

Boston Pops Firework Spectacular – Boston, MA
Time of year: 4th of July

The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular receives over 500,000 visitors from New England and around the globe. Another seven million tune in nationally on the CBS Television Network to view the event live during a one-hour primetime special

Fair Saint Louis – St. Louis, MO
Time of year: 4th of July

Each year Fair Saint Louis brings its community together for one of the best (and free) Fourth of July celebrations in the country. The event began in 1981 with the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and the Gateway Arch as the setting, and has since become known as “America’s Biggest Birthday Party.”

A Capitol Fourth, America’s Independence Day Celebration – Washington, D.C.
Time of year: 4th of July

Broadcast on PBS, this top-rated extravaganza features coverage from 20 cameras positioned around the nation’s capitol. A parade of superstars – including the likes of John Williams, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and dozens others – has offered the best in American entertainment and helped set the tone for a spectacular American birthday party.

Go 4th on the River – New Orleans, LA
Time of year: 4th of July

An Independence Day celebration on the historic Downtown New Orleans riverfront. In addition to an incredible fireworks show, Go 4th on the River boasts many attractions to make a day full of family-friendly fun.

If you love seeing fireworks, any (and all) of these shows should make it on your bucket list of lifetime experiences.