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Watch our Spring Demos online – now!

We had a blast filming our first season of virtual demos. While it doesn’t compare to meeting in person, we were thrilled to have so many viewers turn in and talk to us through the chat. Keep watching and commenting! 

Friday, June 5th – Consumer Demo 

A late-season demo worth checking out! Features over 40 new items for 2020 – including 25+ items that arrived after our May 8th demo. Check out a range of conusmer items including 5″ shells, 6″ shells, plenty of nishiki effects, and the premier of Tako brand fireworks.

Friday, May 15th – ‘76 Pro Line Demo

Follow Ken on the field to see the best fireworks designed for professional displays from our 2020 product line. This demo features both consumer use and professional use only products, plus a pandemic-themed pyromusical at the end.   

Friday, May 8th – Consumer Fireworks Demo

Showcasing the hottest fireworks for retail sales from our 2020 product line. Brands include Brothers, Winda, Shogun, Firehawk, Mighty Max and more, plus our in-house brands Sky Bacon and Realtree Fireworks.  

Friday, April 3rd – Fireworks Demo

Our first ever online demo! This demo features our newest and hottest products for 2020 from Brothers, Winda, Shogun, Firehawk, Sky Bacon, Realtree, ’76 Pro Line, and more.