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There are many great 500-gram fireworks (cakes) being sold in the United States today. Because of the number of dazzling, colorful, LOUD, joy-inspiring cakes to choose from, a Top 10 Best 500-Gram Fireworks list is definitely an individual choice. Below are our favorite 500 gram cakes. Check previous years for many other great fireworks. 

Originally published in 2012, below are our Top 10 lists for each year.









Here is our original list of top 500-gram cakes.

    •    Openfire/Crossfire (Brothers)
The 33-shot barrage begins with red, white, and blue tails to white bouquet. Blue stars erupt into gold tails and willows, whistling tail to red and green palm, white flashes and whistles, and crackling tail to crackling flowers.
    •    Amazing Ballet (Winda)
This 200-shot cake pirouettes back and forth with shots of red, white, and blue to time rain chrysanthemums before leaping with green tails to thunder.
    •    Airboss (Brothers)
This 37-shot cake is a flying zigzag across the sky. Airboss fires off whistling tail bursts to delayed crackling. There is a finale of quickened gold willows to quickened crackling flowers.
    •    Trendy Tattoos (Brothers)
Ink the sky with silver tails to alternating red, green and blue stars, silver palms, crackling tails to brocade to timerain palms, and chrysanthemums with delayed crackling.
    •    War Stopper (Winda)
These massive 2-inch shots destroy all hopes of retaliation. Perfect peonies of peach, green, and blue break with strobe pistils and crackling tails.
    •    Jet Propulsion (Shogun)
36 shots of EXTREME altitude! Double-scream whistles end with super long hanging red stars. A special cake with tremendous height.
    •    Spicy Hot (Firehawk)
10 great shots of whistling and crackling tail to loud breaks, assorted chrysanthemums, and peonies with crackling.
    •    Super Silver Flash (76 Pro Line)
Put some flash in your show with this massive blaster. This 10-shot monster puts big breaks of silver strobing peonies in the air for 38 seconds.
    •    Star Chamber (Brothers)
BIG and LOUD! 16 shots of golden brocade with red, green, and silver glitter and blue stars.
    •    Major Combat (Brothers)
This 119-shot cake is a display in itself! Hit them fast and hard with a big assortment of crackling flowers, multicolored comet tails with reports, red and green tails to silver spinners with reports, blue tails to silver flying fish with blue stars, crackling stars with whistles to reports, crackling mines and gold willows. Ends with crackling flowers.