Spirit of '76 Seminars and Pyromusical at Cobra-Con 2019 Blog Banner

We taught how to shoot your own fireworks displays and use ‘76 Pro Line products during our hands-on seminars at Cobra-Con in Saratoga Springs in April 2019.

Spirit of ‘76 attended the first ever Cobra-Con   in Saratoga Springs, NY from April 22-24, 2019.

Watch our pyromusical featuring ‘76 Pro Line effects, shot on the evening of Wednesday, April 24.

We hosted a few seminars at the event, each geared towards fireworks shooters who are interested in designing, shooting and/or selling their own displays. These seminars familiarized attendees with  ‘76 Pro Line , our 1.4g consumer line of professional use and single-effect fireworks.


Basic Show Design & Choreography w/ 1.4g Fireworks
During this session, we discussed some basic principles of show design, methods of scripting, and how to choreograph a firework show using all 1.4g products.  

Selling & Shooting Displays for PROFIT w/ 1.4g Fireworks
Learn how you can make money shooting fireworks! During this session, we discussed the benefits of shooting 1.4g fireworks over 1.3g fireworks. Topics include – safety, shipping, transportation, insurance, site planning, how to find customers, and how to maximize profit.

Get more resources on display fireworks at 76proline.com .