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Want to know about the best fireworks to buy for 2018? Sam from Spirit of ‘76 breaks down the top 10 fireworks in each firework category. She goes into depth about what each firework looks like, how it shoots and what makes each item awesome.

Top 10 Artillery Shells countdown:

10. American Chief
9. Gone Ballistic
8. Bomb Diggity
7. Smoke N Mirrors
6. Title Bout
5. Absolute Power w/ Giant Silver Tail
4. Echo In The Ear
3. Supernova Cans
2. Quest
1. Wildcat Cartridges

The best top N.O.A.B. (Nine on the Board) tube racks: This video includes products from all the top manufacturers in the business like Brothers, Winda, Sky Bacon and others:

Top 10 N.O.A.B.s of 2018 countdown:

10. Knockout Brocade
9. Monstrous Brocade Ring
8. Stoked
7. Ghost Shell
6. Red Riff
5. Immortal
4. Monstrous Palm
3. Yin Yang
2. Whacky Tobacky
1. Mother of all Bombs

The second list of the year was the top 10 daytime fireworks. The top daytime items include anything from parachutes to smoke grenades to confetti cannons. This video also includes products from all the top manufacturers in the business like Brothers, Winda, Sky Bacon and others. Check out where Sam ranked all of the top daytime fireworks this season on our YouTube Channel, Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks:

Top 10 Daytime Fireworks 2018 countdown:

10. Color Smoke Cannon
9. Airborne Operations
8. Giant Color Smoke Tails
7. Pull-String Smoke Grenade (RWB)
6. Pink Parachute Parade
5. Sky Streamers
4. Captain Sam
3. Smoke Machine
2. 100s Confetti Cake
1. Smoke Dragon

Smoke Dragon (Daytime) | MS469
100s Confetti Cake Angled (30sec) | GM587

Top 10 200 Gram countdown:

10. Pretty in Pink
9. Chain Smoker
8. 12s Finale Box: Color Stars (5sec)
7. Wildcard
6. Fanblastic
5. Bling Bling
4. Great Expectation
3. Mobile Menace
2. Gold Rush
1. Angry Cowboy

Top 10 500 Gram countdown:

10. Pigzilla
9. King Of The Line
8. Cerdo Loco
7. Nuclear Fallout
6. Thunderbird Flyby
5. Backyard King
4. Super Stunt
3. Bacon Blaster
2. One Bad Piggy
1. Nishiki Kamuro

Bacon Blaster | GM107
9s Nishiki Kamuro (40sec) | GM691

Need more inspiration?

Check out our YouTube Channel to watch videos of every product on our website. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re trying to plan a firework display and want to visualize the show.