2016 Fireworks Demo blog Banner

Our customers had a blast this year at our annual Spring Demos! Our biggest and best event to date featured seminars from guest speakers, daytime demos, plenty of food and drinks, nighttime demos, and amazing fireworks shows by Rich Bader, KCAP, and MoPyro. 

Each day started with customer pick ups. Our new warehouse was a big hit with fireworks dealers and enthusiasts picking up throughout the day and night. 

During the day we had classes and seminars from experts in the field. New this year was APA certified shooter’s training. Roger Nurnberg from J&M Displays was gracious enough to set up and train pyros interested in getting their license. Nancy Blogin and Linda Garcia from the National Council on Fireworks Safety had a wonderful booth and explained the importance of safety to our audience. Jesse Ververka from Passfire and David Tromsness from Miami Missonary Tents set up booths as well. Tige Sealscott, owner of Fuse ConneX was also on site showing people how to use the product for better fireworks shows. 

Reinhardt Circle catered a great chicken dinner Friday night, and the crew from Lutz’s BBQ did our traditional pig roast on Saturday. Our catalog girls were a big help at registration and our drink station, serving cold drinks to thirsty customers. New this year was a snow cone machine from Kona Ice. The Bruce Poe Band was on hand both nights as well entertaining our guests during supper. 

Check out video from our demo below or scroll down for a photo album from our May demos.