2020 New Fireworks

Check out our new fireworks for 2020!

We are proud to present our new fireworks for 2020! We are bringing in over 100 new items from Sky Bacon, Winda, Brothers, Firehawk, Shogun, ’76 Pro Line and more! Click here to view our 2020 New Product Catalog. Click on any item to see a video of the performance!

Our 2020 Full Product Catalog will be available in March. 

Master Class | AT290
Neon Moon Travellers | BR113
Fantasy Reality | FG131
America Enduring | FN144
Dueling Pistol | FN 146
Cobra | FN147
Quiet as a Mouse | FN418
Silent Mode | FN420
Printer Malfunction | GM108
I Love It Loud | GM172
We are the Champions | GM174
Sailors Nightmare |GM175
Megablaster | GM177
Gone in 60 Seconds | GM179
Willow Nation | GM183
Nishiki FoShiki | GM186
Portal | GM187
Wolf Warrior | GM827
Action Packed | GM188
Make America Great Again | GM830
Dangerously | GM831
Triple Play | GM833
Howler Monkey | GM834
Hot Shade | GM836
Midnite Menace | GM838
Willow Forest | MS136
Bacon Trek | MS138

Neon Forest | MS144
Chroma Chameleon | MS612
Inferno | MS614
Awakening | MS615
Widowmaker | MS616
All The Rage | MS618
Party On | MX164
Silent Power | MX160A
XV | MX167
Deuces Wild | MX168
Jurassic Jungle | NV333
Spitfyre | NV335
5″ Plutonium Shells | RL131
American Pride – 5″ Canister Shells | RL334
24 Turbo Charged – 1.5″ Canister Shells | RL335
Worlds Largest Patriotic Smoke Balls | SK149
Never-Ending Smoke | SK151
Snow Wands | SP123
Hanabi Sparkler | SP194
24K Magic | TB268
36s Finale Box: FAN Red Peony (6sec) | GM427B
Nishiki Ghost Ring | TB108
36s Finale Box: FAN White Peony (6sec) | GM428B

2018 New Fireworks

Our 2018 New Product Catalog is now available! This full-color catalog features over 90 new fireworks. See what is new from Sky Bacon, Brothers, Winda, ’76 Pro Line, Shogun, Firehawk – and Realtree fireworks.


Click on the image below to check out our new items for 2018. Click on items to view the video! To receive the FULL product catalog in May, log in and make sure your account information is up-to-date.


New Fireworks For 2015

Want to keep tabs on the lastest fireworks for 2015? Below is a list, along with our current stock. 

GM101 Porkinator
GM105 Sky Patriot
FS112 Wireless Firing System 1 Cue
FS113 Wireless Firing System 4 Cue
SR101 RDS Rocket Defense System
GM600 Wind Up

GM602 Out with a Bang
MS130 Sky Streamers
MX104 Vegas at Night
FN358 Fireblade
GM611 90s Z Brocade Horsetail (25sec)
GM612 Sky Diamonds

SR100 Metal Stick Rocket Safety Launcher (Case)

There are many new items from ’76 Pro Line as well. Unfortunately, many will not be in until late June.
Click here for a full list of items from ’76 Pro Line.