Gender Reveal Fireworks

We have the pink fireworks and blue fireworks you need for your big reveal! 

Complete Gender Reveal Firework Show Kits

These show kits include everything you need for an easy setup: fireworks, fuse, and instructions.

Realtree Fireworks – Gender Reveal Multi-Shots

We love these hunting-themed gender reveal cakes! These bright blue or pink effects can be seen from miles away, allowing for a huge celebration. Buy wholesale here or find a local Realtree Fireworks dealer  in your area.

Single-Effect Fireworks for Gender Reveal

One of the best brands for gender reveal fireworks is ’76 Pro Line because of its discreet packaging, which won’t give away the gender before the big reveal.

12s Blue Dahlia (30sec) | GM649
12s Pink Dahlia (30sec) | GM652

Other Fireworks for Gender Reveal

Pretty in Pink | MS570
Boy or Girl (Assorted) | GM756

Smoke Reveal

An increasingly popular activity for gender reveal parties is to set off smoke. These Mega Smokes last a full minute and make for some epic photos.

Mega Blue Smoke | SK141
Mega Pink Smoke | SK142

Sky Lantern Reveal

Want a quieter gender reveal? Light up a bunch of pink or blue Sky Lanterns. These are easy to set up and they float in the sky for a good three minutes before returning to the ground. They are amazing for photographs!  

Sky Lantern Dark Blue | SL101
Sky Lantern Pink | SL105
Its A Boy – Sky Lantern | SL146
Its A Girl – Sky Lantern | SL147

Whichever way you want to reveal your baby’s gender, be sure you’re buying from the best. Spirit of ’76 is the fireworks expert and only carries the best products. You can shop gender reveal fireworks from their ’76 Pro Line or pick up some of their biodegradable blue or pink Sky Lanterns. Either way, your gender reveal celebration is sure to be memorable and just plain awesome.