Spirit of ’76 Dealer Network

'76 Dealer Network - Spirit of '76 Fireworks

The Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Dealer Network is a growing community of independent fireworks retailers.

Retailer Resources

Our eCommerce site has excellent account tools to help you make your wholesale purchase.

Customers of Spirit of ’76 are also welcome to check the free resources that we have at the ’76 Dealer Network website, 76dealernetwork.com.

Request Access to 76dealernetwork.com

If it’s your first time visiting 76dealernetwork.com, please request access so we can verify you are a customer of Spirit of ’76. For your request to be approved, you must have an existing account at 76fireworks.com with purchase history or have express approval from a Spirit of ‘76 sales representative.

  1. At 76dealernetwork.com, click “Retailer Resources”
  2. On the Log In screen, click “Sign Up”
  3. Fill out the form according to the instructions.

The free resources available at our Dealer Network website include:

Sales Tools

View and download eCommerce files, sales forms, template orders, product UPCs, and more.

Product Videos & Images

Access and download product performance videos, product and brand images, and a fireworks safety kit.

Retailer Blog

Read our tips and best practices for running a successful fireworks retail business.

Sell Fireworks Online New! (Premium Service)

Want to sell fireworks online? We offer a premium service to independent fireworks retailers that combines eCommerce, PoS, and Social Media in an all-in-one solution. Learn about ’76 PyroShop.

Fireworks Dealer Directory

Find a Spirit of ’76 Fireworks product dealer near you:

Sell fireworks from Spirit of ’76, but don’t see your location on the map? Click the link below to add your store.

You can also buy fireworks from a retailer online! Visit FireworksDealers.com to shop fireworks online from a retailer near you using ’76 PyroShop. Learn more about ’76 PyroShop.