Shoot with your phone IGNITE firing systems

IGNITE Firing Systems and Show Packages at Spirit of ’76 Fireworks

The IGNITE wireless firing system, the IGNITE Lite 6-cue system, and curated show packages are available at Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks! 

IGNITE Lite 6-cue firing system from IGNITE and Sky Bacon Fireworks

IGNITE Lite: Smartphone Enabled 6-cue Firing System

Introducing IGNITE Lite, the modern way to shoot fireworks easily and safely from your mobile device. This smartphone enabled 6-cue system is the perfect entry-level firing system for the casual backyard fireworks shooter.


IGNITE Lite modules from Sky Bacon Fireworks are available exclusively at Spirit of ’76.

IGNITE Lite Retail Display Bundles, containing 12 modules and 12 igniter refill packs, are perfect for displaying in a retail setting. Stay tuned for more information and an FAQ.

IGNITE Lite Show Packages

The Backyard Pyro (AT330)

The Ultimate Kamuro (AT331)

The Pirate King (AT332)

The Pizza Party (AT333)

IGNITE Show Packages banner

IGNITE Show Packages (i18)

Shoot your own backyard pyro-musical with the following Ignite Show Packages, pre-choreographed and curated by the pros at Spirit of ’76 Fireworks to shoot with the i18 IGNITE module. Click below to learn more and shop:

3-Minute IGNITE Show Package (Deadly Dozen) (AT311)

3-Minute IGNITE Show Package (Super Mafia Bros) (AT312)

5-Minute IGNITE Show Package (Fireworks only!) (AT301)

5-Minute IGNITE Show Package (AT302)

These kits include all the fireworks you need to shoot an amazing show set to music. Design your own show or use one of the 2 pre-built shows.

Ignite Firing Systems at Spirit of 76 Wholesaler

IGNITE Products (available at Spirit of ‘76)

i18 Firing Module – The flagship module for the IGNITE system is the i18 Firing Module. It is a compact, 18-cue firing module supporting both free-shoot manual and fully automated shows. All IGNITE modules are reusable year after year and offer a lifetime warranty.


Clip-on Igniters – All IGNITE modules use the industry-standard Quickplug™ connectors and support IGNITE clip-on fuse igniters. IGNITE additionally supports other industry igniters including professional e-match and MJG Igniters sold separately by COBRA Firing Systems.


IGNITE Lite 6-Cue Firing System – IGNITE Lite from Sky Bacon Fireworks is available exclusively through Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Wholesaler. It is manufactured by the team behind the IGNITE and COBRA Firing Systems.


About IGNITE Firing Systems

IGNITE  is a reusable wireless fireworks firing system designed to shoot fireworks from your phone or tablet. It is developed by the same creator and team behind the COBRA Firing Systems, a world-leading wireless firing system. 

The IGNITE system is very easy to use. It gives the user control over their show at their fingertips with the  IGNITE app , eliminating the need for hand-lighting. This both provides a greater level of safety for the shooter and it allows the show designer to sit back and enjoy their own creation!

In addition to this revolutionary firing system, IGNITE offers a free online show design software called  IGNITE Show Designer . This allows users to design their fireworks show with a user-friendly interface that integrates with the IGNITE firing system.

Tutorials & Support

The IGNITE Firing Systems website provides numerous tutorials and how-to videos to help users navigate and understand the system. Additionally, the IGNITE team offers 24/7 technician support by calling 833-498-0548.