Customer Service Review: Fireworks for Backyard Show

To the team at Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Wholesaler, thank you for helping my family make some great 4th of July memories. The fireworks were great, and the family/friends loved the show. I really appreciate you all being proactive with my order, recognizing potential issues with shipping, and making suggestions to change items to ensure I have my stuff on time. Thank you again.

Customer Service Review: Fireworks for Professional Displays

Spirit of ’76 has stellar customer service, I prefer to work with them. They’re always great on their shipping and turnaround time. I pick up some very last minute displays and when needed, Spirit of 76 has always come through for me.

Review: Customer Service & Fireworks Products

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks are some of the best people in the industry who truly care for their customers. And their product line is second to none. Great prices and great products!

Customer Service Review: Fireworks for July 4th Show

Thank you for all the work you did in helping us get our fireworks this year. Just wanted to say a special thanks for all y’all’s hard work… with your help, our fireworks show this year was great. Thanks again to the Spirit of 76 Fireworks team.