Behind The Scenes: 2016 Catalog

Ever wondered how our fireworks catalog is put together? Michael Richards takes us behind the camera to see what a photoshoot is like at Spirit of ’76 and what goes into creating the industry’s best catalog.

Check out the latest issue of Pyrotechnic Magazine, where editor Michael Richards give insight into what goes into the production of our annual fireworks catalog. In this exclusive article, you can read about the history of the Spirit of ’76 catalog and the changes throught the years. 

Click the image below to read Issue #8 of Pyrotechnic Magazine.

2014 Fireworks Catalog

Our 2014 wholesale fireworks catalog is off the press! Featuring new products from Brothers, Winda, Sky Bacon, Cannon, Shogun, ’76 Pro Line, Firehawk, and more! Our catalog features over 500 fireworks and includes our three big assortments .

We have thousands of copies here in our office, and thousands more on their way to the post office. If you are on our mailing list, you should receive your copy by the last week of April.  Click here to request our most recent fireworks catalog.