The Ultimate in Precision & Control

Pyrotechnic solutions without the storage requirements of 1.3 and 1.1

Professional Effects

Our line of UN0336, UN0431, and UN0432 items gives you flexibility

Our professional fireworks offer the same precision and control of display fireworks with less regulation. This makes small shoots such as wedding shows, anniversary shoots, graduation parties, and other events profitable – even for the big companies.

We are the exclusive distributors of ’76 Pro Line and have designed each item with the professional shooter in mind.

'76 Pro Line

If you would like to purchase Professional Use Only items, we need a copy of your license or proof of training on file.

Award Winning

Our fireworks are battle tested. Used for major shows at PGI, NFA, Winterblast, Pyromania and more. Our product delivers.

Better Setup

Designed with the professional in mind, our products are designed for easy setup as much as they are for a beautiful display.

Value Added

Using our 1.4 items in place of 1.3 offers a lot of cost benefits without compromising performance.

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