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Winners Announced: 2022 Fireworks Photo/Video Contest

Winners Announced: 2022 Fireworks Photo/Video Contest Congrats to the winners of the annual Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Photo and Video contest! Learn about our annual contest here. First off, we’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to all who entered our contest for 2022. We received dozens of submissions and loved seeing everyone’s 4th…

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Fireworks Near Me Blog Banner

Fireworks Near Me

Want to find fireworks near you? Click here to see our list of retailers carrying a wide variety of Brothers, Winda, Shogun, Firehawk, Cannon, Tako, and ’76 Pro Line fireworks. We also have maps of official Sky Bacon and Realtree Fireworks dealers.

New Years Fireworks Safety Tips

New Year’s Fireworks Safety Tips

Before you celebrate with fireworks, make sure you and everyone celebrating with you knows about fireworks safety. Read our fireworks safety tips and checklist.

The 10 Best Fireworks Shows in the U.S. Blog Banner

The 10 Best Fireworks Shows in the U.S.

The weeks leading up to Independence Day (AKA the Fourth of July) is when the largest number of fireworks is used in the U.S. Shows range in scale from small displays to giant events with large-scale, professional fireworks displays.

10 Fireworks Effects and Trends to Expect in 2021

10 Fireworks Effects and Trends to Expect in 2021

Kendra and Sam from the Spirit of ‘76 marketing team have their predictions for which fireworks trends and effects will be seen in 2021. The American fireworks industry is already prepping for the 2021 Fourth of July season! We’re giddy with anticipation for another incredible fireworks-filled summer. 

2021 Winda and Brothers New Product Demos Blog

2021 Winda and Brothers New Product Demos

See new fireworks for the 2021 season from Winda Fireworks, Bright Star, and Brothers Pyrotechnics! This two-night virtual demo event showcases fresh products from two of the top brands of consumer fireworks. 

How many cases will fit blog banner

How Many Cases Will Fit

A guide to a successful fireworks pick up. With the help of our experts we put together all of the information you need to know about how many cases will fit in your Box Truck, Sprinter Van, Trailer and more!

Best Fireworks for 2020 blog banner

Best Fireworks for 2020

2020 has been a great year for new cakes and new effects. You won’t believe how many new items are in our top 10 for 500 grams this year! Check out the video and vote for your favorites.

Buy Wholesale Fireworks Online From Spirit of '76 Blog Banner

Buy Wholesale Fireworks Online

4th of July 2020 Season – We are open 7 days a week through July 4th for pickups in Mid-Missouri. Place your order now and call us at 573-447-1776 to schedule your pickup. 

Top 10 Best 500-Gram Fireworks Blog Banner

Top 10 Best 500-Gram Fireworks

There are many great 500-gram fireworks (cakes) being sold in the United States today. Because of the number of dazzling, colorful, LOUD, joy-inspiring cakes to choose from, a Top 10 Best 500-Gram Fireworks list is definitely an individual choice.

How The CARES Act May Benefit You Blog Banner

How The CARES Act May Benefit You

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the funding you need to make payroll, purchase inventory, pay your bills, or expand your business. Below is a brief summary of the programs, but we encourage you to follow the links at the bottom to learn more.

6 Ways To Get Your Fireworks Fix From Home

These are strange times for everyone, but they can be especially tough for a pyro at heart. Staying home this year might mean missing opportunities to attend fireworks demos and events, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fireworks from the comfort of your home! 

Quiet Fireworks

Quiet Fireworks

But what about the year-round lover of fireworks? Surely there are items other than sparklers and smoke bombs that your customers can shoot off while still being considerate to their neighbors?

Gender Reveal Fireworks Blog Banner

Gender Reveal Fireworks

We have the pink fireworks and blue fireworks you need for your big reveal! These show kits include everything you need for an easy setup: fireworks, fuse, and instructions.

Lessons from Seasoned Fireworks Retailers Blog Banner

Lessons from Seasoned Fireworks Retailers

So, you want to sell fireworks, huh?  Maybe you’re considering setting up and running your own fireworks retail location in your area, or you’ve already done so and want to compare notes on how to run a successful operation.

Best Fireworks of 2018 Blog Banner

Best Fireworks of 2018

Want to know about the best fireworks to buy for 2018? Sam from Spirit of ‘76 breaks down the top 10 fireworks in each firework category. She goes into depth about what each firework looks like, how it shoots and what makes each item awesome.

Fireworks Effects Blog Banner

Fireworks Effects

Spirit of ‘76 offers a variety of fireworks with a variety of effects. Whether you are just buying fireworks for personal use or you’re a retailer, you should know the difference between the different effects that fireworks have.

What Fireworks You Should Buy Blog Banner

What Fireworks You Should Buy

Many new fireworks retailers want to know what fireworks to buy, or how they should place their fireworks order. We have worked with hundereds of fireworks stores, tents, and stands around the country on placing orders for their business.

Where You Should Sell Fireworks Blog Banner

Where You Should Sell Fireworks

One of the biggest questions people have when they want to start a fireworks business is ‘Where should I sell fireworks?’ or ‘How do I find a location to sell fireworks?’. This step may be easier than you think

Selling Fireworks In Iowa

Now is a great time to start planning for your Iowa fireworks business. For the first time since the 1930s, the state of Iowa is allowing the sale of fireworks to the public.

2017 Fireworks Video Blog Banner

2017 Fireworks Video

New this year is our New Product of the Week. Every Friday we will highlight one of our favorite new items for 2017. Check out our picks so far: 

We Support Independent Retailers! Blog Banner

We Support Independent Retailers!

Spirit of ’76 is proud to offer sales tools to help independent fireworks retailers reach their goals. We offer a full line of products to help you boost sales, in addition to our top-tier fireworks selection.

Whacky Tobacky Production Blog Banner

Whacky Tobacky Production

Staff from Spirit of ’76 visited China to meet with suppliers. During a factory tour, we watched as Whacky Tobacky was being assembled.

Brothers 20th Anniversary Labels Blog Banner

Brothers 20th Anniversary Labels

To celebrate 20 years in the fireworks industry, Brothers has released their best sellers in new packing for 2015. The new labels have embossed lettering and metallic packaging that stands out on the retail shelf.

Top Fireworks for 2014 Blog Banner

Top Fireworks for 2014

2014 has been a great year for fireworks. As we approach the end of the year, we look back at some of our favorite items (new and old). Below are our favorite choices for NOABs (nine-on-a-board), fountains, artillery shells, 500 grams, and finally our top 20 items in all categories for 2014.

Top 8 Fountains for 2014

Top 8 Fountains for 2014

Fountains are a fireworks staple almost everywhere, and a headliner in safe and sane states. To help you decide, Lacey shows us the 8 best fountains we have to offer for 2014.

Top 5 Artillery Shells for 2014 Blog

Top 5 Artillery Shells for 2014

Lacey introduces our top 5 artillery shells for 2014. We have everything from loud artillery shells to colorful, symmetrical artillery shells.

Top 10 Fireworks Videos - May 2014 Blog Banner

Top 10 Fireworks Videos – May 2014

We have added and updated several fireworks videos this year and welcome your input. Below are our top 10 fireworks videos by number of views for May, 2014.

Diwali Fireworks

Diwali Fireworks

Diwali, also known as Devali, Deepavali, or “the festival of lights” is a popular holiday celebrated by Hindus. Below is a list of fireworks popular for Diwali.  Click on any of the items below to find out more.

Wedding Sparklers Blog Banner

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers are an exciting way to send off the newly married couple into a lifetime of happiness.

Top 10 fireworks of 2012 Blog Banner

Top Ten Fireworks of 2012

We asked our customers to rate each firework from our April 2012 demo, here are the results