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Spirit of 76 Blog

June 25th, 2020

Best fireworks for 2020

Our top 10 videos are back for 2020! This year Sam and Kendra introduce you to the top products in our most popular categories and let YOU vote on the order for our top 10. 


June 12th, 2020

Fireworks Warehouse Missouri

4th of July 2020 Season - We are open 7 days a week through July 4th for pickups in Mid-Missouri. Place your order now and call us at 573-447-1776 to schedule your pickup. 

LICENSED RETAILERS - We can deliver to many locations in or near Missouri (case minimums apply). Please call us at 573-447-1776 or contact your accout rep to see if you are eligible. Further locations may be available depending on volume and scheduling. 


June 11th, 2020

Virtual Fireworks Demo - June 5, 2020

Watch our Spring Demos online - now!


June 6th, 2020

Fireworks Pickup Missouri

Check out our updated June hours for sales and warehouse pickups below.


June 5th, 2020

There are many great 500-gram fireworks (cakes) being sold in the United States today. Because of the number of dazzling, colorful, LOUD, joy-inspiring cakes to choose from, a Top 10 Best 500-Gram Fireworks list is definitely an inpidual choice. Below are our favorite 500 gram cakes. Check previous years for many other great fireworks. 

Originally published in 2012, below are our Top 10 lists for each year.