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2020 Pyromania - Sky Wars

July 23, 2020


Sky Wars Fireworks Festival

Spirit of '76 is proud to present a choreographed fireworks show at Sky Wars, the epic annual pyrotechnics event known previously as Pyromania. Below are the details for the 2020 event.

Sky Wars , presented by Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MoPyro) and previously known as "Pyromania", will celebrate its 15th fireworks championship on Saturday, September 26th, 2020 in Wright, Missouri.

The event is titled "Sky Wars Invitational Fireworks Championship: A Light and Sound Explosion" and is described as "an invitation-only fireworks championship where pyrotechnicians who are among the nation's top fireworks choreographers create breathtaking pyromusicals for an audience of all ages."

The event centers around "two hours of fiery fun" including, among other performances, a scripted and choreographed pyromusical presented by Spirit of '76 .

Tickets and additional information are available through the event page on Evenbrite.



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