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Why Firework Retailers are Already Ordering Containers for 2022

July 12, 2021


Firework businesses are saving money and getting ahead of continued firework shortages by ordering containers of fireworks directly from China.

JULY 2021 - As Spirit of ‘76 has been communicating since September 2020, there was a national shortage of fireworks in the United States this 4th of July season. This shortage may very well carry into the New Year’s and 2022 Independence Day seasons as well.

Many retail firework businesses are already making plans to receive fireworks for the 2022 4th of July season by ordering a container of fireworks through Spirit of ‘76 - not only to ensure they get the products they want, but also to get the absolute lowest wholesale pricing possible.

About the ‘76 Container Program

“I think if you do a big enough volume in sales, a container’s a good way to go,” said Trinity Muth, who operates T&M Fireworks in Newton, KS. “In general, [ordering a container] is the right way to increase profit margins.”

Trinity said he began importing containers a few years ago, and despite 2021 shortages, he’s received all three of the containers he ordered through Spirit of ‘76 this year. He said other wholesalers he ordered from this year weren’t able to follow through on all of the containers they promised him.

Firework retailers are increasingly recognizing that importing containers creates a phenomenal opportunity to grow their business. Gene Marlow, owner of multiple Mean Gene Fireworks locations in southeast Washington state, has been importing firework containers for close to 10 years through Spirit of ‘76. He said his store has built up local credibility for saving customers money on their fireworks.

“It’s a competitive business, and you’ve gotta buy right,” Gene said. “Our business has been growing every year, and that’s because we buy at container pricing. It allows us to offer promotions and pass the savings on to our customers, and they come back every year and bring their friends.”

Additionally, firework retailers across the U.S. are choosing to import fireworks containers to keep up with their competition and to uphold their reputation for carrying high-quality products. 

“Buying fireworks by the container is essential if you need to compete on price,” said Erik Siembab, who operates B&E Fireworks in various locations and Cedar Point Fireworks in Illinois. “Spirit of ‘76 makes the container buying process easy.”

“The first couple of years we honestly wouldn’t have been ready, but ultimately after about 2-3 years we decided we were ready [to order a container],” Trinity Muth said. “The biggest reason was that we were bringing in quality products with ‘76 and we’ve built a reputation in our community for our high quality fireworks. So, we took the opportunity to start ordering in larger quantities.”

Similarly, Gene Marlow said he ordered a container of Sky Bacon Fireworks, a brand he felt offers great performance and value, to add variety to the limited firework brand selection in Washington state. 

Gene recommends purchasing a container simply because it makes sense financially. “Figure out how to buy a container even if you buy it with multiple people,” he said. “It’s pure economics: if you can buy it cheaper, the more competitive you can be and the more money you’re gonna make. So, order a container and order it early!”

Purchasing firework containers isn’t anything new. Retailers have plenty of options for firework wholesalers, but both Gene and Trinity said they have good reason to continue ordering their containers through Spirit of ‘76. Gene said excellent customer service, a variety of desirable products, competitive pricing, and in-house brands are what keeps Mean Gene Fireworks coming back to Spirit of ‘76. Similarly, the team at T&M Fireworks appreciates the reliability of communication, and Trinity feels like his ‘76 sales rep has his best interests in mind.

“Spirit of ‘76 has been very reliable as far as communications,” Trinity said. “Other wholesalers seem to have taken care of themselves first, not the little guys like ourselves. The staff at Spirit has been wonderful, the sales reps are upfront and honest, and all in all it’s a great company to work with. We’ll be doing even more business with them next year.”

Spirit of ‘76 is now taking orders for containers in 2022. Learn more about the ‘76 Container Program or request pricing at 76fireworks.com/container .

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