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10 Fireworks Effects and Trends to Expect in 2021

September 5, 2020


Kendra and Sam from the Spirit of ‘76 marketing team have their predictions for which fireworks trends and effects will be seen in 2021.

The American fireworks industry is already prepping for the 2021 Fourth of July season! We’re giddy with anticipation for another incredible fireworks-filled summer. 

Our prepwork begins with scouting out which fireworks will be hot next year. We especially studied the 2021 product collections sent to us from Brothers Pyrotechnics and Winda Fireworks. 

10 Fireworks Effects to Expect in 2021

Keep your eyes out for the following fireworks effects and trends!

Breaking Effects

#1 - Rings / Donuts
This simple yet impressive break forms a circular O-shaped effect. Rings are most satisfying when they break squarely facing the audience. Also known as “donuts” from Winda Fireworks or “halo breaks” from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Featured in these products:

#2 - Spider Breaks
The “spider” firework effect is a silver palm break with crackling legs that spread outward. An intriguing mix of spooky and elegant!

Featured in these products:

#3 - Nishiki Kamuro / Titanium Willows
Nishikis are nothing new in the fireworks world and their popularity isn’t dying anytime soon. Expect to see titanium willows included in many mixed-effect cakes, plus used as long-hanging finales.

Featured in these products:

  • Pyro Tsunami - 500 Gram Cake, 25 shots - Winda 

  • Super. Imposing. - 500 Gram Cake, 23 shots - Brothers 

  • Big Mission - Tube Rack, 7 shots (21 breaks) - Brothers 

#4 - Vibrant Colors
Who doesn’t love vivid colors in their cakes? 2021 will prove to be a very colorful year for fireworks.

Featured in these products:

Cake Trends

#5 - Long Durations
Cakes with durations lasting longer than 60 seconds are going to be hot in 2021. We love getting the most bang for our buck!

Featured in these products:

#6 - Hybrid Cakes / High Shot Count
The hybrid multi-shot cake includes roman candle shots as well as traditional breaking effects. The built-in roman candles allow for a super high shot count in a relatively small package!

Featured in these products:

#7 - Mixed Effects
The show-in-a-box style is a favorite for many fireworks enthusiasts. Why pick just one effect when you can have a variety? These cakes were dragged through the firework garden of effects, so to speak.

Featured in these products:

Fountain Trends

#8 - Unique Shapes
Kids will go crazy for fountains in 2021! Uniquely shaped fountains are eye candy on retail shelves. We’ll also continue to see plastic fountains, which can be used as toys for kids once the firework composition is removed.

Featured in these products:

#9 - Handheld Fountains
More eye candy for retailers! Handheld fountains will continue their popularity in 2021 with awesome stand-out packaging and fun effects.

Featured in these products:

#10 - Hybrid Fountains
Ground effects plus aerial effects equals one heck of a show! We're expecting a newfound hype for combination fountains next summer.

Featured in these products:

  • Puzzle Cube - 200 Gram Fountain (w/ Ground Bloom Flowers) - Winda

  • Killer Fountain - 200 Gram Fountain (w/ 24 aerial shots) - Winda

  • Jump Ship - 200 Gram Fountain (w/ Ground Bloom Flowers) - Brothers

  • Outta Here - 200 Gram Fountain (w/ 85 Roman candle shots) - Brothers

Want more fireworks news? Check out the ‘76 TV series on YouTube for hours of fireworks content, or browse our blog for more fireworks topics.



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