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Spirit of 76 Blog

September 17th, 2020

Order fireworks to be picked up at Sky Wars in Wright City, MO!


September 7th, 2020

Photograph courtesy of Sky Wars, previously known as Pyromania. 2019.

A list of must-see fireworks shows throughout the year across America.


September 4th, 2020

See new fireworks for the 2021 season from Winda Fireworks, Bright Star, and Brothers Pyrotechnics! This two-night virtual demo event showcases fresh products from two of the top brands of consumer fireworks. 


August 14th, 2020

Winners have been announced! Thanks to all who participated. Watch the video to see winners for the 2020 contest.  Click "Read more" for contest details.


July 23rd, 2020

Sky Wars Fireworks Festival

Spirit of '76 is proud to present a choreographed fireworks show at Sky Wars, the epic annual pyrotechnics event known previously as Pyromania. Below are the details for the 2020 event.