When and where to find Spirit of 76 Fireworks Wholesaler in 2023. Events, conventions, trade shows, demos, fireworks shows and more.

Save the Dates: Where and When to see Spirit of ’76 in 2023

Our team at Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks and ‘76 Pro Line will be making appearances at more events than ever before in 2023. For a full line up, check out our events list below.

Feb 16-19: Western Winter Blast
Feb 21-24: APA Winter Conference
April 22: Spirit of ’76 Fireworks 2023 Spring Demo
April 24-28: International Symposium on Fireworks
May 11-14: Cobra-Con
June 22-July 5: Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Tent
Aug 5-11: PGI Convention
Sept 2: PyroJam
Sept 11-15: NFA Fall Expo
Sept 21-23: Sky Wars
Oct 3-6: APA Annual Convention

Want to meet with a 76er at one of these events? Give us a shout.

February 16 to 19 – Western Winter Blast

Western Winter Blast (WWB) is organized by the Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA). Spirit of ’76 is planning to attend and host a seminar.
Location: Lake Havasu City, NV
76ers Attending: Peter Rogoz and Sam Christensen

February 21 to 24 – APA Winter Educational Conference

The American Pyrotechnics Association‘s (APA) annual Winter Educational Conference is a great opportunity to get updates about the laws and regulations that affect our industry.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
76ers Attending: John Bechtold, John Walker, Peter Rogoz

April 22 – Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks 2023 SPRING DEMO

Save the date for our 2023 Spring Demo! Join us for one spectacular evening where we’ll showcase many fantastic products and end the night with our infamous Missouri Fireworks Club Choreography Showdown between local groups KCAP and MOpyro. We will also offer a Shooter’s Training Course provided by J&M Displays, as well as networking opportunities for fireworks retailers. See our Demo page for more information, and stay tuned for more details.
Location: Spirit of ’76 Fireworks HQ in Columbia, MO
76ers Attending: Everybody!

The finale to our 2022 Spring Demo was a hit! Thanks to KCAP and MOpyro for participating in our Fireworks Club Choreography Showdown each year.

April 24 to 28 – 18th International Symposium on Fireworks (Tentative)

The International Symposium on Fireworks (ISF) the world’s premiere international gathering of the pyrotechnic industry. Spirit of ’76 is tentatively planning to attend for the first time!
Location: Malta
76ers Attending: John Bechtold and Peter Rogoz (tentative)

May 11 to 14 – COBRA-CON

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks is a Gold Sponsor of the 2023 Cobra-Con convention! We’ll be doing a ton of fun stuff there, including hosting a seminar and shooting the grand finale display. We will also have a trade show booth and hospitality room.
Location: Muncie, IN
76ers Attending: 76 Sales Reps (TBD), Peter Rogoz, Sam Christensen

June 22 to July 5 – Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks Tent

This summer, you’ll have to check out the largest seasonal fireworks tent in mid-Missouri! The Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Tent is getting an upgrade and will be bigger and better than ever this year. We’ll host events including a Pyro Movie Night and Summer Kickoff. Stay tuned for more details.
Location: Columbia, MO (across from our year-round retail store)
76ers Attending: Everybody!

Spirit of '76 Fireworks tent seasonally operated in Columbia, Missouri at Midway Truck Stop
Spirit of ’76 runs mid-Missouri’s largest seasonal fireworks tent in Columbia, MO

August 5 to 11 – Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention

Each year, the PGI convention is the premier event in the United States for pyrotechnic enthusiasts worldwide. Spirit of ’76 plans to attend again as a vendor in 2023!
Location: Fox Cities, WI (tentative)
76ers Attending: 76 Sales Reps (TBD)

September 2 – PyroJam

Rock the day, shock the night! PyroJam is a great outdoor event for all ages where attendees can enjoy daytime live music and a nighttime fireworks competition.
Location: St. Leonard, MD
76ers Attending: TBD

September 11 to 15 – NFA Fall Expo

The National Firework Association‘s (NFA) Fall Expo is the largest trade show in the U.S. for fireworks retailers and distributors. It’s a great convention to attend for networking, educational seminars, and demonstrations of incoming fireworks products. Spirit of ’76 is a foundation member of the NFA and will be hosting a trade show booth and at least one product demo at the Fall Expo.
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
76ers Attending: 76 Sales Reps (TBD)

September 21 to 23 – Sky Wars

A light and sound explosion! Sky Wars is an invitational fireworks championship presented annually by the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MOpyro). It has become one of the largest fireworks events in the United States. Spirit of ’76 will attend Sky Wars to shoot a product demo, contribute to the blind pyro competition, and more.
Location: Innsbrook, MO
76ers Attending: TBD

October 3 to 6 – APA Annual Convention

The American Pyrotechnics Association‘s (APA) annual convention is a great opportunity to get updates about the laws and regulations that affect our industry.
Location: Tuscon, AZ
76ers Attending: TBD