Fireworks Safety to promote Business

Using Fireworks Safety to Generate Media Buzz

With prices everywhere going up, stretching your promotional dollars to advertise your seasonal fireworks business is more important than ever. In this post we discuss how to leverage the Independence Day craze to get media attention at no cost.

Fireworks Safety is Public Safety

If you live in the United States, chances are your local news stations are hungry for stories pertaining to Independence Day and fireworks safety in the weeks leading up to July 4th.

Use this to your advantage! Give your local media sources the inside scoop on fireworks safety. Gather a list of your local media stations and personnel, write up a press release, and get to distributing your story.

How to Write a Fireworks Safety Press Release

A press release is an official statement (written or recorded) that an organization sends to news and media outlets. They are best to send to your local and state news papers, TV news stations, and radio stations.

Press releases are 1 page and answer the “who,” “what,” “why,” and “where”. Your press release should also include a point of contact and their contact information.

Be sure to frame you and your staff as the local fireworks experts. You want your business to be locals’ one-stop-shop for reliable fireworks. It is key to put your business as well as your fireworks knowledge as the focus of the story.

Distribution of Your Fireworks Press Kit

Next, gather your list of local media sources. We suggest calling each TV, radio, and newspaper station and asking who is best to receive your press release. Keep these contacts organized in a spreadsheet so you can keep track of who you have contacted.

Then, it’s time to distribute your fireworks safety press kit. You can attach all your files in individual emails and send them to each media station. Be sure to write a thoughtful and personalized message in the email body.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up via phone call or email in a few days if you do not hear back.

Host Fireworks Safety Events

To further draw attention to your fireworks business and position yourself as the local fireworks expert, consider hosting a fireworks safety training class!

For example, we at Spirit of ’76 Fireworks host “Safety Saturdays” in our year-round retail store and seasonal tent in Columbia, Missouri:

Every Saturday from June through July 4th is “Safety Saturday”, where families are encouraged to attend a 30-minute safety class inside our store or tent. The recurring event is free to attend, and kids go home with a goody bag of fireworks novelties and safety glasses. Plus, attendees are given a special discount to further incentivize them to shop.

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Store, 2022

The free safety class generates positive word-of-mouth. One of the local radio talk shows mentions our safety class regularly without being prompted! Additionally, having an event can make it easier to promote your store online: consider publishing a Facebook Event for your safety class, and asking your city or county office to publish it on their calendar for locals to see.

If you do host a safety event, don’t forget to include it in your press releases!

Do I still pay for advertising?

Make no mistake, paid advertising is still hugely effective in bringing awareness to your seasonal fireworks stand or tent. In many cases it cannot be replaced with free promotional efforts.

That said, don’t underestimate the power and reach of word of mouth and your local news network.

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