Fireworks Events 2021: See Spirit of ’76 this Fall

August 3, 2021

Here are the industry events where you can catch the ‘76 team.

Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) Convention

A few members of ‘76 team will be attending the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) 2021 convention in Fargo, North Dakota from August 7-14. We will have a trade show booth and will be hosting a seminar on Wednesday afternoon. More about our involvement at PGI.

National Fireworks Association (NFA) Expo

The full Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks sales team will attend the National Fireworks Association (NFA) Fall Expo in Erie, PA from September 13-17. Come visit us at our trade show booth or hospitality room! We’ll also be shooting two evening demos. Stay tuned for more details!

Sky Wars Invitational Fireworks Championship

The ‘76 team will be attending Sky Wars again in Wright City, MO on Saturday, September 25th. 

We are now accepting pre-orders to the event with a limited time discount (10% off our Gold pricing, free shipping, and no minimums).