Industry Update – July 2021

July 23, 2021

Shipping woes continue to plague supply chains worldwide – including the fireworks industry.  

Supply chain issues have hampered US industries in 2020 and all through 2021. We reported earlier in Sept 2020, Dec 2020, May, and June about rising freight costs, supply chain issues, exchange rate uncertainty, and more.   

Despite multiple parties pushing for change, including efforts by the National Fireworks Association, supply chain issues persist. We were recently made aware of another increase in ocean freight. This price increase went into effect on July 16th, bringing the total cost of delivering a fireworks container to over $30,000 for most locations in the Midwest. This price is over double the cost of early 2020.   

We are opening up wholesale sales on Monday, July 26. Like most wholesalers, we sold out of fireworks leading up to the 4th of July. This means that the fireworks we have to sell have just arrived from China, or are still on the way and have incurred these massive costs.   

We are keeping our prices as low as possible. To that end, our pricing will be valid from July 26 – September 1st. Due to the frequent and numerous increases in freight costs, we cannot guarantee these prices beyond that date. We hope that freight costs will stabilize so we can maintain these prices for as long as possible.   

We are offering 20% off shipping through Oct. 1. We know many fireworks buyers are eager to restock and expect record sales again for August. We encourage you to take advantage of our shipping discount to get the best possible deal when reloading your fireworks cache.   

Check back often as we will continue to provide updates and let you know pertinent information that may impact our industry.