May 25, 2021

The IGNITE wireless firing system is now available at Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks! 

IGNITE Products (available at Spirit of ‘76)

i18 Firing Module – The flagship module for the IGNITE system is the i18 Firing Module. It is a compact, 18-cue firing module supporting both free-shoot manual and fully automated shows. All IGNITE modules are reusable year after year and offer a lifetime warranty.


Clip-on Igniters – All IGNITE modules use the industry-standard Quickplug™ connectors and support IGNITE clip-on fuse igniters. IGNITE additionally supports other industry igniters including professional e-match and MJG Igniters sold separately by COBRA Firing Systems.


About IGNITE Firing Systems

IGNITE  is a reusable wireless fireworks firing system designed to shoot fireworks from your phone or tablet. It is developed by the same creator and team behind the COBRA Firing Systems, a world-leading wireless firing system. 

The IGNITE system is very easy to use. It gives the user control over their show at their fingertips with the  IGNITE app , eliminating the need for hand-lighting. This both provides a greater level of safety for the shooter and it allows the show designer to sit back and enjoy their own creation!

In addition to this revolutionary firing system, IGNITE offers a free online show design software called  IGNITE Show Designer . This allows users to design their fireworks show with a user-friendly interface that integrates with the IGNITE firing system.

Tutorials & Support

The IGNITE Firing Systems website provides numerous tutorials and how-to videos to help users navigate and understand the system. Additionally, the IGNITE team offers 24/7 technician support by calling 833-498-0548.