Spring 2020 - Fireworks Trade Shows, Demos, and More

May 15, 2020

We had a blast at these industry events.

After a fantastic New Year, our schedule for spring 2020 included displays, conventions, and plenty of fireworks fun.

Guinness World Record 62” Firework Shell Launch 2nd Attempt – Feb 8 in Steamboat Springs, CO

A huge congratulations to fireworks expert Tim Borden and his team, who returned to Steamboat to set the Guinness World Record of launching a 62-inch shell. This was a launch of the world’s largest single firework. It took place during the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival.

Check out our live-stream of the incredible record-setting launch:

APA Winter Education Conference – February 11-14 in Las Vegas, NV

We had a great time attending the American Pyrotechnic Association’s winter conference this year.

WPA’s Western Winter Blast – Feb 13-16 in Lake Havasu, AZ

We returned to Lake Havasu City for Western Pyrotechnic Association’s 31st annual WWB! We shot a Valentines Day pyromusical on the evening of Friday, Feb 14 (shown below) and presented the National Anthem on Saturday, Feb 15.

Both shows featured something we’d never tried before. Watch the behind-the-scenes video for the inside scoop.

Spirit of ‘76 Spring Demos – Virtual

Our 2020 Spring Demos were a series of online-only product demonstrations. These virtual demos showcased new products and existing favorites in action, as well as updates from our sales representatives and friends in the industry.

Watch all our virtual 2020 demos at 76fireworks.com/demo .