March 24, 2020

These are strange times for everyone, but they can be especially tough for a pyro at heart. Staying home this year might mean missing opportunities to attend fireworks demos and events, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fireworks from the comfort of your home! 

1. Attend a Virtual Fireworks Demo

Due to safety concerns during the pandemic, we at Spirit of ’76 decided to move our 2020 product demos online. The pre-recorded platform allowed us to showcase each product in a fully customized way.

Grab some refreshments and enjoy virtual product demos for brands like Brothers, Winda, Sky Bacon, Realtree Fireworks, ’76 Pro Line, and more:

2. Review Your Fireworks Safety Skills

Now is a great time to review basic fireworks safety and make sure you are ready for fireworks fun. Take a moment to talk fireworks safety with your family, especially young ones, so that everyone can enjoy themselves when it is time to light up.

For a great review of fireworks safety, check out this Fireworks Safety 101 kit put together by Sky Bacon Fireworks .

3. Watch ‘76 TV for Entertaining Videos from the World of Pyro

We have been working hard making original fireworks content for your viewing pleasure. ’76 TV includes behind the scenes footage of our shows, interviews with our staff and customers, and awesome tips and tricks to make your show even better!

Take your whole family for a virtual trip to Spirit of ’76 with ’76 TV.   Check out ‘76 TV here  .

4. Get Inspiration for Show Design & Choreography

If you enjoy the shows ‘76 Fireworks puts on and want to shoot shows yourself, you’ll love the display resources offered as well. Enthusiasts and display operators alike can find show resources for choreography and setup, including show summaries, cue sheets, set-up and hardware pictures, product libraries for Finale 2D and 3D, and much more on the ‘76 Pro Line website.

Check out the  display resources at .

5. Watch Some Fireworks shows

Our shows are online and ready for you to watch anytime! From classics like PGI’s ’76 Style Salute to America , to Winterblast’s Valentines Day Show, we have plenty of fireworks entertainment at the ready. Feel free to use them as inspiration or just kick back and enjoy.

Watch our Valentines Day Show below, and find more of your favorite ’76 s hows on YouTube .

6. Watch Fireworks-Related Webinars

Edcation efforts by Spirit of ’76 are going online. We’ve rolled out a webinar series this season! Whether you operate a retail store or shoot fireworks displays, there’s an opportunity to learn something new.

See the webinar schedule and register at  .

BONUS: Work on your Fireworks Shopping List

It’s never too early to plan for the 4th of July.

Take this time to visit  and work on your shopping list. To help you decide, check out our product playlists on the  Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Youtube Channel .

If you shoot fireworks displays, visit  to browse consumer and professional-use fireworks designed with displays in mind.