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Many couples today are celebrating their wedding with fireworks.  One of the easiest ways to add sparkle to your special day is with wedding sparklers.  Wedding sparklers are much more exciting for sending off the bride and groom than the traditional rice or bird seed which is commonly used.  Sparklers also make for better memories and better photographs!  

Spirit of ’76 can ship you a case of sparklers for your wedding or any other event.

For those who really want to put some sizzle into their wedding day, we recommend a fireworks show as the happy couple heads into their future together! 

A 2-10 minute fireworks display is very easy to set up with legal consumer fireworks, and will help burn the event into everyone’s fond memories for years to come!  We recommend purchasing a fireworks assortment, depending on your budget and space.  

Please note: We recommend any sparklers that are 20″ or shorter because they can be sent through UPS Ground. Products that qualify as UPS Ground shipments are identified by the UPS logo next to the price.  Longer sparklers have to be sent by the pallet, which greatly increases shipping costs.